November 15, 2016

heaven on earth!


My trip to Stockholm was a life lesson. Each and every corner at this magnificent city was a reason to feel inspired but the most fascinating part that i still miss, six months later, was my day at the Rosendals Trädgård, a beautiful garden open to the public.


The garden café is located in a fantastic setting on Djurgården island, and offers salads, soups, sandwiches and pastries made in the bakery next door. The brunch on Sundays is outrageous so be there early, because they don’t make table reservations and people rush for their delicacies. Whenever possible they use their own biodynamically grown vegetables, and all bread is from their own artisanal bakery that holds a wood fired stone oven. Εverything is done by hand without shortcuts and with the best of biodynamic and organic ingredients. You can also book the greenhouses for a dreamy wedding, a rustic party, dinner with friends and other private functions.

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Do not miss a visit at the plant shop which offers a carefully selected assortment of flowers, plants, seeds and tools for the urban gardener. During the summer season you can pick your own flowers or you can order your favourite flower arrangements.

gardens_sweden11 gardens_sweden12 gardens_sweden13 gardens_sweden14 gardens_sweden15 gardens_sweden16

Today, the garden’s main purpose is to present biodynamic garden cultivation to the general public through a series of educational activities like lectures, courses, excursions, and exhibitions focusing on “environment, horticulture, organic cooking, or garden art. Most of its biodynamically grown vegetables, flowers, herbs, and other potted plants like olive, laurel, fig, and citrus trees are either sold through its onsite shop or used for cooking in the cafe. The garden crops are served at our tables, and leftovers go back to the compost heap, providing first-rate soil for next year’s growth. Visitors can actually feel the continuity of a connected whole,” says Rosendals.

gardens_sweden17 gardens_sweden18 gardens_sweden19 Many Stockholmers make the pilgrimage to Rosendal on sunny days, but there’s room for numerous guests. In the summer you can sit on the grass in the orchard. Do pop into the little boutique before you leave. The best way to reach the garden and the cafe is to walk from the bridge Djurgårdsbron, go along the canal and follow the signs. The route is magic! gardens_sweden20 gardens_sweden21 gardens_sweden22 gardens_sweden24

 Rosendals Trädgård is open six days a week (closed on Mondays). During the summer months of May through September, it’s open seven days a week and during winter is closed from 22nd of December and reopens at the beginning of February again.


(photos by Gertrude Gary Milk, post created especially for

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