April 18, 2012

guest post : the safari chic!

{one.Vintage Antler Trophy/ two.Roll-Up Panama Hat/ three.Bottle Opener/ four.Filigree-Metal and Acetate Sunglasses / five.Linen Pindot Pocket Square/ six.Stiched Leather Belt / seven.Document Case/ eight.Linen Trousers/ nine.Leather Camera Strap / ten.Needlepoint Tapestry Slippers}

From the Advice kit: Wanna create a style that will make all the others “roar”???

 Summer’s approaching us and we must get ready to shine through not only with our attitude but also with our unique style! Are you getting prepared for a safari trip abroad and your head is stuck about what to wear? Then, you only have to follow my advice!

P.S. I know that this is extremely impossible so if you desire an outfit that rocks, read the text below!!!

  • Hats are men’s best friend if you know when and where to wear them. If you cannot support that, don’t let them Wear You!
  •  Animal prints are always in vogue and will remain if you treat them with parsimony. Do not try to exaggerate and prefer “animalistic” accessories such as sunglasses like the cool ones shown in the picture!
  •  Because it will be hot, put on a “light” pair of trousers made of linen and choose pal shadings like blue, beige or white. Combine them with a leather belt.
  • Summer shoes! Which ones? We prefer “loafers” aka shoes without laces, made from materials that let the foot breathe. In a serious outfit, pinpoint them and choose colorful prints that will boost your confidence and appearance!
  • Last but not least, do not forget your camera in order to captivate your style or else it will be totally “extinct”!

 Friendly greetings from Baby Panther aka Tim Krag!

(product finds and photo collage by Gertrude)

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