April 5, 2012

guest post : London Calling !

London, London, London…!

Attractions: If you visit Britain’s capital and miss the city’s biggest attractions, then you will have probably got poorly informed or just got jet lagged! Everybody wants to see London through its “Eye” and you will definitely have to cross one of the world’s most famous monuments/bridges, the Tower Bridge!

Food: Got hungry, having empty pockets but still want to act British? Londoners always find cheap solutions for their meals and adore foreign cuisines. Try Thai or Chinese food in London’s China Town or have a quick bite in one of the huge Food Markets that lie all around the city. Frozen yogurt with fruit, biscuits, nuts, syrups, cream and plenty of other stuff to add on,is British favorite delicacy that you can find, where else but in Soho! Try Snog  just to cool down from London’s sauciest district!

Night Life: Sinner or Saint? Visit Camden if you want to go dark, hippie, indie or alternative rock! Shop to death from its huge market and if you like it and want more, go to Shoreditch that competes in urban and industrial style. There’s such a variety that you can even find a unique singles night just for you, romantic saint! 

Shopping: Last but not least, since you are in The Capital of Fashion, you need to stride Oxford Street seeking for London’s TOPSHOP and do not forget to pass from Carnaby Street, grab a cupcake and “dive” deeper in its unique lifestyle reflected into independent boutiques with global fashion brands.

Friendly greetings from Baby Panther aka Tim Krag!
*(photo collage by Gertrude )