March 29, 2012

guest post : Grooming time!

( one. “How to be a Man”  Book from Amazon/ two.Herbal Soap from Old Faithful Shop/  three.Shackleford Bow from Pierrepont Hicks/ four.Mint Conditioner from Barneys/ five.Pattern Socks from J.Crew/ six.Protein Shampoo from Barneys/ seven.Shaving Set from Old Faithful Shop/ eight.Beard Oil from Prospector Co./ nine.Polishing Brush from J.Crew )

From the advice kit: Metro vs Matcho = X

I often think about the times when people made fun of the guys who used lotions to keep their face or body fresh and hydrated.Nowadays,the situation is being reversed and the metro-sexual men tend to gain ground on the game and will end up saying: Who’s laughing now???

Mint mouth wash for a fresh breath,shampoo with proteins for stronger hair and beard oil for a “fluffy” touch are only some of the products that a metro man uses daily in order to achieve a better look.However,as the audience grows bigger and macho-men constitute always a highly desirable amount, let’s try not to exaggerate and find some tricks that will give you a slight amount of glam without being pinpointed!

-Try to add some color  in accessories like socks, underwear, ties or bows to “spice up” your look.

-Be aware of the razors that you use and prefer a traditional brush that is a vintage piece for your bathroom but also helps with the foam spread.

-Do not hesitate to read and ask advice for your style and your personal hygiene.

-Last but not least,a cream or a lotion for your face and body won’t hurt your masculinity,so go buy one before your skin turns into a raisin!    

Friendly greetings from Baby Panther aka Tim Krag!

*(product finds and photo collage by Gertrude)