April 12, 2012

guest post : “Beijing’s SoHo” !

Welcome to “Beijing’s SoHo”!

 Do not get confused by the Bauhaus-style industrial buildings that remind us something of East Germany in the 50′s. Dashanzi or 798 District was originally used as an area for factories where thousands of people were occupied during the last decades, working even for the first atomic bomb constructed in China!

New life came to 798 factory thanks to Beijing International Biennale and other exhibitions that take place annually or even daily in the district.

Many artists such as photographers, sculptors, painters or fashion designers use the urban style to promote their work and attract visitors’ eyes.

Nowadays, Dashanzi is the center of contemporary art in Beijing and the number of visitors is rising  proportionally according to the amount of artists that choose 798 not only for their working place but also as a party stage for their events.

If you are lucky enough, you may witness in your visit a real fashion show, watching models striding the catwalk between the gigantic exhibits.

Always keep in mind, 798 is not just a number in China !

                                            Friendly Greetings form Baby Panther aka Tim Krag

*(photo collage by Gertrude)

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