October 25, 2013

extra-ordinary studio!


For Marina (left) and Tatiani (right) inspiration,creativity and a lifelong  friendship were the three primary colors,they mixed together and created a rainbow and a studio!


It wasn’t long after we arrived at their office that the “crazy palette” of their personalities was revealed!We had to capture the moment and ask some questions!And if  it takes two to tango they prove that when it takes two to design then and only then you can have a ball!

1. your ordinary side: (M) I usually make a joke out of everything / (T)  I organize and put everything in order!

2. your extra-ordinary side: (M) People usually can’t tell if I’m joking or being serious/ (T) Twisting my hair when I’ve nothing to do!(I have to do something!)


3. what do you brew in the pot?  (M) My determination to stay creative and positive! / (T) My determination to succeed..in ALL!

4. had you the choice before birth would you be a man or a woman? (M) I don’t really care as long as I can be royal! / (T) Let me think…Woman!Hooray for panties!


5. a luxury that you owe to yourself and never abandon: (M) I brush my teeth twice a day,a luxury to maintain my smile / (T) Mascara!

 6. your most precious possession: (M) My smartphone (but not as a means of communication) / (T) My eyes…just joking..my hair! (laughing!)


7. a habit that can be translated into an obsession: (M) At the moment I’m exercise obsessed,I change my obsessions quite regularly. / (T) I clear up everything around me!

8. what can drive you to crime? (M) If you tickle me I can accidentally kill you! / (T) People not paying attention when I’m talking!


9.a dream that visits you quite frequently: (M) That I go to school naked!We all have dreamed about this embarrassing situation,let’s be honest! / (T) Parties with my ex-boyfriends,a nightmare!

10. how do you handle disagreements effectively? (M) We agree to disagree. / (T) I throw my coffee on Marina and then we follow my way.


11.what color does your face turn to when you are really angry? (M) Total Black,it’s chic! (T) Neon Yellow!It can burn your eyes!

12.a ritual that you follow before you start a client’s project: (M) Coffee and a cigarette to begin brainstorming while listening to Lana del Ray. / (T) It’s definitely a ritual!White candles and the client’s doll!

2 Design Studio is an Interior & Graphic Design studio that offers smart and affordable solutions full of creativity and imagination!

Visit their Facebook page here

Drop them a line at 2designoffice@gmail.com

(photography and interview by Gertrude,special assistant Ralph Miliband)

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