May 30, 2013

extra-ordinary people / 8

1.your ordinary side: Being creative !

2.your extra-ordinary side: Being able to keep things in order while being creative (really hard work!).

3.what do you brew in the pot? The joy of sharing joy.

4.had you the choice before birth would you choose to be a man or a woman? Sex separation is a stereotype. Everyone has a sensitive or a dynamic side.

5.your most precious possession: My beautiful swinging chair (I know it sounds shallow, but I really love it!)

6.a luxury that you owe to yourself and never abandon: Early evening, light drinking on the terrace with the company of my beloved ones.

7.a habit that can be translated into an obsession: Collecting teapots.

8.the worst of all your insecurities? The loss.

9.what can drive you to crime? Crime is a synonymous of violence and violence has many faces. My effort is to decline violence in its various forms rather than thinking how I would react in extreme situations. a patissiere look like? Fat and content!

11.which is the secret ingredient you add in your life/relationship of the same quantity and controversy as a pinch of salt in the cake? Comparing my life/relationship to a cake, butter would be affection, sugar companionship, eggs the humor, flour which is the main ingredient would be love and the pinch of controversy would be inventing little problems that need to be solved by people other than me!

12.does the frequent bargain at the flea markets make you more or less negotiable when it comes to personal relationships? Having an experience in the flea markets, what I decide to have is not always shiny or in good condition. It has a history of its own that makes it unique. More or less it’s the same when it comes to people. When I decide to have someone in my life I choose to accept them for who they are even with “scratches and dents”. Maybe the key,is in the acceptance and not in the bargain.

13.which of these three types of chocolates: bitter,sweet and white describes more accurately your nature/personality? Sweet milky chocolate.In a childhood memory I was getting sweet chocolate milky treats from beloved ones. The gesture of sharing love is a fundamental picture that I keep as a reminder of the sharing person I wanted to become. Whenever I lose it on the way I always bring this memory back.

14.does your sweet tooth ever get bored in front of the temptation? I strangle a lot but usually I let myself in.

15.a question that you always wanted to answer: “How the “aesthetic individuality” and “technologies of the self” interact together whereby individuals were led to focus and perceive themselves? how subjects code themselves, how they recognize them and how they accept themselves as underlying objects of desire?

(Ioanna Chalmouki is the founder and owner of Pasta-Flora.She creates handmade sweets and shares her “delicious” photos with her readers.)

(interview and photos by Gertrude for

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