December 11, 2012

extra-ordinary people / 5

1.your ordinary side: Grumpy

 2.your extra-ordinary side: Extra-grumpy.

 3.what do you brew in the pot?  A zip of creativity into a boiling urban environment. 

4.had you the choice before birth would you choose to be a man or a woman?  I would like to be a penguin instead…They are funny and classy animals.They are wearing tuxedos!

5.if religion could cater for all you insecurities,would you be a devoted?  For fuck sake no…

6.your most precious possession: Myself.I posses a lot of beautiful things such as musical instruments and staff,which I really like but I’m not attached to any of them.

7.a habit that can be translated into an obsession: My love for perfection in everything I do.

8.a luxury that you owe to yourself and never abandon: My morning freshly-ground coffee.

9.what can drive you to crime? A couple of years ago,people’s stupidity and insecurity.Now I don’t let anything upset me that much. musicians look like? Like the rest of you people.

11.are we what we listen to? Not at all.We tend to transform what we listen,to what we are,or more precisely to what we think we are or what we want to become.

12.composing a fugue of your own constitution,which is the “theme” that would be mainly repeated? I’m trying to get rid of my ego,so I wouldn’t choose a “me” theme.

13.the ideal state of life is a solo “career”,a duo or a trio “ensemble”? Always a solo, although the trio ensemble doesn’t sound bad…

14.psychiatrists claim that we sometimes tend to repress important information and desires.Does the art of tattooing by going against this rule,keep the memories alive? I don’t like to repress my desires for sure.I’m fascinated by tattooing because my canvas becomes the human skin.Nothing more,nothing less.Our tattoos decay along with our bodies and memories.Nothing that has to do with humans is immortal.

15.a question that you always wanted to answer: I prefer questioning people rather than people questioning me.I’m making an exception here…

(photos by Julie Georgantidou,interview by

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