November 6, 2012

extra-ordinary people / 4

1.your ordinary side: Sometimes what you see is what you get.It’s that simple.

2.your extra-ordinary side: My imagination! I live the stories I read, I create the images, I become a part of them.

3.what do you brew in the pot?  A mixture of online orders, daily stress and tasks with a strict deadline. All boiling at a very high temperature.

4.had you the choice before birth would you choose to be a man or a woman?  I’ve always been a tomboy, so the need to be reborn as a man never arose…

5.If religion could cater for all you insecurities,would you be a devoted? Every human resembles a net with thousand knots.The knots are our insecurities and our personal relationships help us undo them. Religion can’t be part of the game. 

6.your most precious possession: We deceive ourselves through the “obtaining process”.If something can be called a possession is the connection we build with people…and this requires great effort.

7.a habit that can be translated into an obsession: The way I type and store contacts in my mobile phone. I write the first letter capital, the second lowercase, the third capital, the fourth lowercase and so on…I cultivated this habit at High School.

8.a luxury that you owe to yourself and never abandon: Coffee’s company. I indulge in a  great cup of  hot coffee even during summertime.

9.what are your certain demands for accepting an incident proposal?I have nothing to gain,so why accept it? I set goals in life with one and only limitation, to be achievable through my own skills. I refuse to accept any “boost”.

10.what can drive you to crime? I prefer making the investigation rather than committing the crime.I try to understand the reasons behind certain actions that can drive me crazy.

11.what do you have and what do you lack, in order to be the protagonist in a Film Noir?
I have the imagination, I have the method. I lack the gun and the guts.

12.when is the right time for a woman to reveal her detective’s badge?before or after the weeding? Wedding and love affairs are two cases where a detective is unnecessary. Relationship is where trust and confidence should inhabit.

13.were you a product in an e-shop,how would you try to be tempting?what would you hide? I wouldn’t reveal my “price” and my “package” .What is important is to underline your advantages through “keywords”, to create an attractive environment for the forthcoming “buyer” in order to devote some of  his time…

14.a question that you always wanted to answer. Who’s been your mentor?

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