October 15, 2012

extra-ordinary people / 3

1.your ordinary side: Invisible.

2.your extra-ordinary side: Semi-invisible.

3.what do you brew in the pot? A bit of nostalgic creativity, a table spoon of love, 50 gr. respectfulness , 50 gr. positive thoughts, and always fresh fruits!

4.had you the choice before birth would you choose to be a man or a woman? Not a man nor a woman. Or maybe both. I don’t really believe in sexes. I believe in a ”unisex” world.

5.If religion could cater for all you insecurities,would you be a devoted?  I don’t believe in religion, because it’s not God’s creation but Man’s. The only thing I believe in, is Mother Nature and love.


6.your most precious possession: I have nothing. I want nothing. I came by my own, I’ll go by my own again. Não sou de ninguém.

7.a habit that can be translated into an obsession: It was ages ago, very cold winter, I bought a single plane ticket to Lisboa. Since then, I visit ”minha patria” once a year. 

8.a luxury that you owe to yourself and never abandon: Sleeping with Rudy!!! The little ginger monster!

9.what can drive you to crime? It’s killing me when people don’t respect their/the nature.  Man hasn’t learnt his lesson yet. He insists to hurt nature and its creations to feed himself and to warm his body. I choose no crime. 

10.How a fashion designer look like? Not like me, for sure! Fashion creates bad prototypes and encourages sex differences, I prefer to use fashion as a unisex terminology of art.

11.what does never fall out of fashion? Grandmother’s tea recipe! Love + Herbs from the balcony + Hot/Cold water + Ginger.

12. can you turn a love affair from yesterday’s bread into today’s french toast?
I’m a human thus I made mistakes, but I’m not really into back-and-forth ideology. I learn from my mistakes. I give attention to the past but I have my eyes on the future.

13.is food a pleasure for a vegan? Food isn’t only for body but for soul, as well. I prepare meals for the lovely ones and myself, with respect and extra love. I prefer not to have quick meals, thus I demand time in preparing something delicious, healthy, and bloodless. Food is a holy ceremony for me. I truly enjoy having a great dish made full of love!

14.what is is of the same importance as flour into the making of  bread? Undoubtedly LOVE. Love gives birth to life and it can also take it back. Love for ourselves, and love for our nature.

15. a question that you always wanted to answer.
I don’t really like questions,because I don’t always have an answer. Is there always an answer to a question?

(interview and photos by teapot.gr)

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