October 2, 2012

extra-ordinary people / 2

1.your ordinary side: It’s my  daily schedule.When I’m hooked to the agenda, I function mechanically.

2.your extra-ordinary side: It comes to surface, and surprises me, those times that I don’t  fit the requirements of a robot.

3.what do you brew in the pot? My love affairs…The are always involved in every broth I prepare…

4.had you the choise before birth would you choose to be a man or a woman? Woman…in  order things to be a bit more complicated…

5.If religion could cater for all you insecurities,would you be a devoted? Even if  religion could do so, I would still doubt about the insecurities that I am yet not plagued with.There is an array of vulnerabilities that can spring up and maybe “faith” is incapable to cater for everything.

6.your most precious possession: My freedom , I’ve worked very hard to conquer it.

7.a habit that can be translated into an obsession: I follow a very strict ritual while I take my bath.I demand my towel to be placed at a certain spot in the bathroom, I wash my hair and my body with very precised moves.It’s weird I know,but it’s so frequent and so regulated, that is definitely an obsession.   

8.a luxury that you owe to yourself and never abandon: I never run out of Gorgonzola and shower-gel. These are the two, I’m always stocked up with!

9.what can drive you to crime? Lack of justice.When someone insists I’m wrong,while I honestly know I’m right.

10.what is the itchiest about bad taste? The complete absence of self-awareness. Most people can’t realize that they do have it! It’s like stupidity, I presume. 

11.if life was a bicycle,the two wheels would be: I imagine it as a type of  bicycle with a large front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel. The large one is the pleasures,the small is the slaps we are treated with.

12.what are your certain demands for accepting an incidental proposal? Not money… Just to enjoy it to the fullest.

13.how an architect builds her world?  For my own version, I prefer an analytic process. I follow the same steps as If I sketch a building. Only after I have finished the first level, I move on to the next. It sometimes reminds me of the video games.

14.which is the most important building material in a relationship? Two complementary personalities can make a long- lasting construction. It is the recipe for the “armed concrete”.

15.a question that you always wanted to answer: “Shall we go?”  (and be able to reply with a big “YES”)

(interview and photos by teapot.gr)

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