May 23, 2014

extra-ordinary people / 13


1. your ordinary side: I am either super lazy or super energetic. I guess my ordinary side weighs down on the side of laziness in combination with a very chill attitude towards life. Also, Disney movies and junk food.

2.your extra-ordinary side: I turn into the most confident woman when on stage. I also go out of my way to help people I don’t even know but I never help myself. I instantly identify with anyone and yet I am very quick to judge me. Oh and I have never tried a cigarette in my whole life. Any cigarette. In fact, I once promised my grandfather to never smoke as he was a fervent anti-smoker. So I guess I keep important promises as well. Can this be perceived as extra-ordinary? 

3.what do you brew in the pot? The idea of a big gig in Athens, and more songs produced by me. I am currently undergoing a transitional period where I try to decide what is best for me. If you know the song ‘Waves’ by Metric then I have to admit that I am that and I need to be stopped. I keep changing places, I keep changing my mind last minute and I am not sure what I want to be and if I want that to be different from what I already am. I just started a radio show on Amagi and am currently more excited about this than my music. A radio show is a creative process I need to go through. I think it’s time for me to talk, not sing, and be embraced as Xanthi – not as my Blondie.G.D. persona. 


4.had you the choice before birth would you choose to be a man or a woman? If I had that choice maybe I should be asked as an embryo fetus. It is unfair to my sex to choose being a boy over being a girl. But then again how can a fetus make that decision? Oh well, I’ll just say it. Man all the way. Despite being a feminist that recognises the problems that patriarchal society has caused for men too, the immediate impression one gets for boys and men is that their only problem is women. That, because women have problems. Of course as I said, this is just an impression. But we women experience these problems first hand and it is no fun. 

5.your most precious possession: The sound files of both my recorded songs and unrecorded ideas. I keep recording the melodies I play on the piano in order to properly produce them later.

6.a luxury that you owe to yourself and never abandon: Falling in love is a luxury. It happens rarely but one needs to experience this state. If it doesn’t occur naturally for me, I can make it happen and it’s not lacking intensity, I must tell you.


7.a habit that can be translated into an obsession: When I was a kid I made sure I was smiling while falling asleep at night. Otherwise I would feel unappreciative. I think this has evolved into the habit of being nice to everyone. It’s not that much an obsession but I cannot help it. Still, it is a habit as I am consciously kind when not naturally nice. The only real obsession I can think of right now is Diet Coke. It used to be Zero. But Diet is healthier. And that’s about the healthiest food/drink level I’ve reached in about two years now. 

8.what can drive you to crime:? Only crime could drive me to crime. Abusive and over-possessive people can drive me mad. Violence is something that will never fail to shock me and I am generally a very law-abiding citizen. But I could really hurt someone that hurts others who cannot defend themselves. So maybe I could hurt my younger self too if I had the chance. The headmaster had called my parents when I was 6 as I had formed a gang along with several girlfriends and we would go and beat up an older boy during recess. I was the first to confess and I am friends with that boy now. 

9.a dream that visits you quite frequently: The circumstances or environment changes but the same thing happens every time: A tsunami is formed and a huge wave crashes upon my house or the place I am at in the dream. I guess drowning is my biggest fear because the power of the sea makes me weak at the knees. 


10.which are the morning rituals for a girl with blond hair and two personas? I must admit I need to take my time before I leave my house. The good thing is that I do not really do anything in the morning lately unless I want to, so… my morning rituals are snoozing, opening the windows so the sun comes in and then playing loud music on the speakers. Both my personas are content with those. I do not like being stressed, I need to enjoy what I have right there right then in the morning. I just wish I had waffles or crepes more often when waking up. But they would have to be there beforehand, like the sun. thing you’ve learned from notes composition (not relevant to music): I haven’t learnt a single thing from notation when it comes to composition, that is exactly why I call myself a ‘tune-maker’ and not a musician. I can read notes but I am not that good. I directly play my songs on the keys to either my producer or directly record the tunes on Logic and continue the creation of the piece on the Mac. So actually yes, I have learnt one thing from notation, that I should be more of a musician. 

blondie5 does a kiss taste after “the war” ? The taste differs according to the outcome of the war. If I win, then I am not sure I’m interested in the kiss in the first place. Still, I guess that kiss tastes like water. I am used to water, but I do not enjoy it unless I am really thirsty. But if I lose, then it tastes like a bitter medicine that I will have without complaining. It depends on how much you actually like the person you’re fighting right? And if you’re fighting them you must like them a lot. Otherwise you waste no energy. 

13.when “dramatic theories” become actions are they just music and lyrics? Dramatic Theories to me are very utopian. They are the possibilities and the personalities one can embrace while being alive but most of the times we are just aware of this potential. That does not mean we are going to change or react in as many ways as we could. Therefore, dramatic Theories usually turn into feelings, not actions. These actions would be violent actions or pitiful actions. Feelings however are more lenient when violent. In my world exaggerated feelings can easily be superficial and this way helpful. They help me release tension and melancholy. I am preoccupied for a while and then I am free and I guess a bit wiser. 

 14.a question you always wanted to answer: Are there ghosts? Is there indeed paranormal activity in this world?


Blondie.G.D. recently self-released her LP ‘Dramatic Theories’ that you can find on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and Spotify among other online streaming services. It was produced by King Elephant.

photography Gertrude Gary Milk, special thanks to Ralph Miliband

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