October 11, 2013

extra-ordinary people / 10

1. your ordinary side: Never really grow up, only learn how to act in public.

2. your extra-ordinary side: Always searching for the extra-ordinary in the ordinary.

3. what do you brew in the pot? Stress management tips!

4. had you the choice before birth would you choose to be a man or a woman? Whatever… but with curly red hair this time!

5. your most precious possession: Happy moments.

6. a luxury that you owe to yourself and never abandon: Spicy tuna sushi rolls!

7. a habit that can be translated into an obsession: Being a patient listener encouraging others to talk about themselves.

8. the worst of all your insecurities: Little ghosts coming out in the dark.

9. what can drive you to crime? Violence against children.

10. a dream that visits you quite frequently: New York, New York!

11. when do you overreact with your “right to remain silent”? It depends on whether I am the lawyer or the person accused!

12. a sound you would undoubtedly sue: Noise during a concert.

13. what makes your accordion a more passionate lover than your piano? I can’t hug my piano… Can I???

14. a question that you always wanted to answer: Having recently completed your Ph.D, what’s next?

Mirela Pachou will be performing every Friday at the Center Stage of “Stavros tou Notou”, starting next Friday, October 18th and on Saturdays 12,19,26 /10 & 2/11 at Love Casual Living in Thessaloniki.

(photos and interview by Gertrude for teapot.gr,special thanks to Gelly K. Rais for her valuable help)

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