September 17, 2012

extra-ordinary people / 1

1.your ordinary side: I seem quiet and logical, but that’s only my phenotype.

2.your extra-ordinary side: I constantly “cross over” to an alternative reality. My every moment exists on a parallel universe.

3.what do you brew in the pot? My negation to accept the world as a model of “social rules” that we are compelled to obey.

4.had you the choise before birth would you choose to be a man or a woman? Definitely a woman. Women have a strong connection to nature, to the metaphysical, to Genesis, to the unknown.

5.your most precious possession: Nothing material. I never regarded tangible belongings as something of great importance. And when possessions are not material you have no authority over them. Even my cat can get away…

6.If religion could cater for all you insecurities,would you be a devoted? I believe in my own way,but it’s not a matter of insecurity. When I face God, I will be a loyal.

7.a habit that can be translated into an obsession: I am an obsessive. I check -about fifteen times- my windows, sockets and everything that can cause a disaster before I leave home. Also the heavy items, they may fall on my cat’s head!

8.a luxury that you owe to yourself and never abandon: The time I spend after i get up. I “demand” one and a half hour to relax and enjoy my coffee before the day starts.

9.can a bitch own a cat? It’s like couples after a long cohabitation. They share characteristics. They look alike.

10.what can drive you to crime? Passion. A crime passionelle. I’m not sure if I could commit a murder, but i can definitely become very cruel..

11.what are your certain demands for accepting an incident proposal? A bucket of money! And of course not a disgusting partner! an actor look like? People think that actors have a mark on their forehead. It’s a myth. Their vanity is sometimes a distinguishing feature that other people lack.

13.which role do you perform most successfully on life’s stage? Surely not a cat’s role. A tiger’s maybe.

14.the ideal husband has the characteristics of an actor,a fortunate producer,a theater prompter or an usher? Between those four?The fortunate producer!

15.tell us a question that you always wanted to answer: To whom would you dedicate your Oscar? (she laughs…)

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