June 6, 2012

Coqui Coqui,Mexico!

I got wind of a demand!My destination map needs to be pinned and to satisfy this cosmopolitan fellow I’m considering Mexico!

Those who are familiar with my oddity,know that I have already discovered a hideaway overlooking the Caribbean!I coveted one of its seven breezy bedrooms and a shady spot under a palm tree!

And now it’s not only my map but me as well that this tiny resort has hooked… Surrounded by sea and jungle Coqui Coqui promises a relaxing and peaceful experience along a stretch of pink-tinged white sand…

Tiny tip:Stock up the memories of your holidays in a tiny bottle of perfume found at the hotel’s boutique.A trip’s essence is the perfect souvenir for people who live through their senses.

For more information and rates visit: Coqui Coqui,Tulum-Mexico or Mr&Ms Smith.

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