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summer loading!

This week marks my official vacation break and it’s got me doing my summer outfit

chit-chat over brunch!

want any for your wardrobe too? find them here: one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight.

the “feeling sweaty” outfit!

Feeling sweaty? We totally suggest this outfit for a day spent in your bathtub, or

the workout outfit

Do you too find it hard to keep up with a fitness plan? Begin with

the day-off outfit!

Living the life of a freelancer means crazy schedules, sleepless nights, last minute deadlines  

the brainstorming outfit!

Because high heels are a big NO for every photographer while on set, I have

ageing together in style!

What kind of couple are you? Do you imagine yourself being one of those two

shop of the week / adored vintage

 Adored Vintage is an online vintage clothing store based in the Pacific Northwest amidst the

the party-game outfit!

It’s a “cocktails n’ games” night out at Gelly’s place! I’m wearing my sparkling boots and I’m

the colourful artist!

Every Thursday evening I attend my art lesson wearing this oversized patterned sweater! The “bible”

comfy before bedtime!

one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine Which are your favorite habits before

best things in life / 6

A collection of what I consider ” best things in life” ! Do we have

shop of the week / coast to coast!

“ Coast to Coast Mobile Vintage is a traveling vintage shop with! Planted in a

the comfy photographer!

This is one of my favorite working outfits! The photographer’s uniform for every occasion and

random things we love / 2!

one. Underwater Dancing Print from Leah Goren , two. Thrilled to Peaches Bag from Modcloth , three. Dot Dash Top

random things we love!

one. Black Cat Tea-For-One Set from Urban Outfitters , two. Bow to Stern Scarf in Crimson Stripes from Modcloth , three.

quirky and affordable! / 2

one. Bow Out Velvet Headband from Nasty Gal , two. 2015 Cute Animal Calendar from Etsy , three.

how to match red!

one. Shearling Trapper Hat from Madewell , two. Leather Gold Tote from American Eagle , three. Cable Knit Sweater

i’m a quirky girl!

one. The Great Lakes Goods Evil Eye Ornament from ABC home , two. Girl Talk Bobi Pins

good company on etsy!

Brittany Reagan, lives in Winter Park, Florida. She’s the one-woman operation behind Good Company Co. , where

it’s coat season!

one. mustafa merino beanie from A kind of Guise , two. pied de poule from Minimall , three. a polis

just hats, nothing else please !

oh I’m in love! and i bet you’ll fall for them too, because Lynn & Lawrence

i’m going shopping!

one. black hang it all from blue subtree , two. to-do-lists from urban outfitters , three. homework pencil

we pin on pinterest!

Have you noticed our style board on Pinterest? We love pinning bright colours, crazy patterns,

best things in life / 6

straw hat/the book of palms/ice cream/mohxa shirt/pineapple skateboard/beach bag/headphones Tweet

are you in or out?

one. Gloss Black Frame from Crap Eyewear/ two. The Gentlewoman Magazine from The Gentlewoman/ three.

pretty from etsy!

one.Brass Himmeli Hanging Planter from Etsy/ two.Vintage Fondue Pot from Etsy/ three.Vintage 1960′s Newspaper from

quirky and affordable!

one. Sequin tiara hairband, €36.22 from The Pipa and Ike Show / two.Vintage Red Love Bug Linen Blouse, €31.89

best things in life / 5

one.Framed Art Print by Gemma Correl from Society 6 /  two.Norse Projects Kaupang Hunter Beanie from Norse

best things in life / 4

from top to bottom: one.Bunch of Flowers/ two.London Print/ three.Waffle Towels/ four.Pom Skates/ five.Coper Measuring

best things in life / 3

from top to bottom: one.Plywood Bunting Banner from Shoppe/ two.Twist Scarf from three.Thank you

kids who inspire us!

For the little lady who isn’t afraid of dogs: one.Dress with Belt from Zara/ two.Pompom

this weekend : on the road!

This weekend just pack your car and set off on a road trip!We have already

boys n’ dogs!

Charming boys with dogs deserve the biggest hug in the world!Because boys with dogs never

what’s in our bag!

Handkerchief from Etsy/Lib Balm from Sephora/The Catcher in the Rye from Amazon and Anthropologie/Eyeglasses from

best things in life / 2

one.Catherineholm Lotus Pot with Handle from Etsy / two.Get Well Soon Card from Rifle Paper

what to do this fall

one.Herb Drying Rack from Etsy/two.Reclaimed Wood-Wheel Clock from Anthropologie/three.Vintage 80s Open Blazer from Etsy/four.Ideas Notebook

matching outfits!

one.Timeless in Petrolium Sunglasses from Need Supply Co./two.Levi’s Vintage T-Shirt from Mr Porter/three.Geometric-Print Swim Shorts

all things natural!

one. Pablo Bronstein Silk Scarf from Opening Ceremony/two.Driftwood Wind Chime from Imogene and Willie/three.Yoga Girls

Vacation dreaming!

 one.Multi-Strap Sandals from Kate Spade,Saturday/ two.Retro Inspired Over Sized Sunglasses from Need Supply&Co/ three.Zinke Starboard

season essentials

one.Kinfolk Magazine from Amazon/ two.Malcolm Classic Half Frame Sunglasses from 80′s Purple/  three.Pebble Japanese Vase

water games

Well dear mums,if you aren’t in a summer mood yet,you should start preparing because rumors

An unpredictable ending / Part 3

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./ Read part 1 here Read part 2 here  …in fairy tales there’s always a

An unpredictable ending (Part 2)

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven. Read Part 1 here In her messenger bag she had her favorite book, the

An unpredictable ending” / Part I

one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. Myriam was in the kitchen preparing a traditional Italian dinner that was her husband’s

his & hers!

Do you spend entirely too much time in front of the mirror perfecting your make

“A True Fighter”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./ March is the first month of the spring season and usually comes with a

choose your path / 6


The snow patrol ( Part II )

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight. Dmitri, Lena’s Russian colleague who recently landed in Finland, is definitely not an open

choose your path / 4

LUGGAGE LABEL from Smythson/ FRENCH CARD from Rifle Paper&Co./ SCARF from ModCloth/ BERET from La

“The Snow Patrol”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./ Her snowmobile is waiting for her outside the small wooden chalet. Lena opens the

“ New Year’s Eve Misadventure ”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./ Johnny drives so fast his car that he can hardly control the movement of

choose your path / 3

HOLIDAY CARD by Rifle Paper&Co./ WALLET by Falcon Wright /WATCH by Nordstrom LINGERIE by Anthropologie/ STOCKINGS

kids with style!

This year has been filled with many new-born friendships and I’m so excited that these

“Coffee Anyone?”

one./two./three./ four./five./six./seven./eight./time 08.08 am The room is really cold this morning as the last night’s

“November Rain”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./ Victoria looks out of the window. The rain tonight is really intense. She’s observing

“Safe and Sound”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./ (If you missed the first part of the story read it here) After the

“Did you hear the news?”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./ Leila and Mike go to the library every Thursday afternoon after school to study

“Semper paratus”

flags./one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./  Walking down the quay, Jonathan observes the floating boats that are awaiting for their


one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./nine./ 23.40 pm We left Laura in her house with her pajamas on, ready to take

“An alternative Pajama Party!”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./ With a slight flashback to the 80′s and an intrusion into a 13-year old’s

“Light my Fire” (Part2)

one./ two./ three./ four./ five./ six./ seven./ The sunlight comes into the house in between the curtains, reflected on Anya’s beautiful

“Prova Generalle”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./ Carla leads a regal and noble life. As a famous opera actress and singer,

“How to bring a lover back”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./illustration. “Twist the bones and bend the back Itch-It-A-Cop-It-A-Mel-A-Ka-Mys-Ti-Ca Trim him of his baby fat


Rome,the Eternal City is calling my name!I need this tiny break, so I planned a

lounge alfresco…

Summer is when leisure time is spent lounging and relaxing alfresco!Don’t stuck yourself indoors all

“Light my Fire”

vinyl./one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./ Anya isn’t just another old-fashioned girl. Even though she dresses like a girl living

“Too cool for school”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./ Matthew has never been an ordinary child. Since the time he was born, everything

prone to gatherings….!

I came across this Kinfolk dreamy gathering at just the right moment!My plans weren’t so thrilling

The “sweetest revenge”

crown./one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./nine./ I am sure that you remember Anna. Because many of you can see their

“A dramatic ride”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./nine./ A 30-year old woman, who has a really successful fiancé, an enviable job and

waves n’ water….

From the Advice Kit: Never chase a guy who plays with the waves but can’t ride

“Green with Envy”

 one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./nine./ Her garden is her personal shelter. Anna never felt more calm and relaxed. Everybody

Starting from Scratch!

 one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./nine./house number 2./house number 6./ Molly loves surprises and new beginnings. When she first thought

Spooky Camping Night !

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./nine./ Sarah loves hiking and camping. Her friends think that it is too dangerous for

guest post : “The Wake Up” Call

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./nine./ Sunday 13th March 2012 05:00 am, NY city Hal has another rough night. He

guest post : The Boho Queens!

one./ two./ three./ four./ five./ six./ seven./ eight./ nine./ Orange and purple colors in the

guest post: Credits for the puppy

one./ two./ three./ four./ five./ six./ seven./ eight./ nine./ 7:30 am..! The alarm clock keeps

guest post : Time machine goes ’92

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./ Let’s talk about her. She’s not rich but she is beautiful. Once a pessimist,

guest post : the safari chic!

{one.Vintage Antler Trophy/ two.Roll-Up Panama Hat/ three.Bottle Opener/ four.Filigree-Metal and Acetate Sunglasses / five.Linen Pindot

while he is away….

She dives into melancholy,when he,travels to Germany.Is there any amphiboly,that love is a necessity…? See you

boy or girl?

one.Aquatic Series T-Shirt from Zara Kids/ two.Stripe Rabbit from Liberty London/ three.Striped Swimming trunks from

are you too ?

From the Advice Kit – a personal experience : If you wear the Flora better

guest post : Grooming time!

( one. “How to be a Man”  Book from Amazon/ two.Herbal Soap from Old Faithful Shop/  three.Shackleford

it’s pastel,the loyal friend!

They say pastel is an official trend!Forget the trends,here we believe in color friends! Love

anchors away…

From the advice kit: To prevent your relationship boat from sinking,let him go sailing! 1.H&M jumper  2.lomogrophy camera 3.ASOS

outdoor date!

From the advice kit:When a lady plans a picnic date,she must bear in mind that

pick the roots

I swear I saw Old McDonald’s niece wearing this outfit!one./two./three./four./five./six./seven. Tweet

night in

I feel that indoor lounging or a classic book reading require some classy n’ cosy