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how bathrooms should look like!

The bathroom, yes the bathroom is a very very important room. It’s where the bath,

Sanktoleono: in the lab!

I wake up, make some coffee and then take a moment of quite for myself.

colour popping in!

Ι’m really into colourful and bright interiors lately! The options and the colour palettes are

flower bomb, exploded!

Can I let you in on a little secret? Next time you feel sort of

sofita vintage shop and a giveaway!

If teapot could choose a place to live in, this would be the dreamy world

your retro apartment in the heart of Belgrade!

Yugodom is the brainchild of interior designer Mario Milakovic. His love and passion for mid-century

thoughts on a new home with nikki!

Nikki has just moved to a new bright home in Exarcheia area after house hunting

shop of the week / Le Marché St. George

“Le Marché St George is a general store, a café, an occasional event space, and a

future plans for the living room

What I’m doing in this post is probably a living-room moodpboard for future plans. Sometimes

the blue white giveaway!

 We are more than excited today because The Blue White, one of our favourite Greek

christmas decoration ideas!

I’m sitting in a room filled with ornaments, a bare Christmas tree, bulb lights and

the cosiest bedrooms

If you can’t get yourself out of this bed you are obviously not tired! It’s

art on your walls!

Fill your walls with art! There is nothing wiser you can do, to transform your

shop of the week: Bellocq Tea Brooklyn

Bellocq Tea Atelier is located in the industrial neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It’s a magical

the party essentials!

Do you sometimes feel that your are in a “grande party mood” without a special

back to school!

If i miss one thing from the back-to-school days, it’s the smell of new books,

outdoor living!

Do you a have a special room for the ice-cream hour? For me the front

win win win a babasouk vase!

Oh hi! It’s time for a giveaway! We are beyond than excited today because there

never grow up!

 i’m spying kids rooms not because I have a kid or I’m expecting one, but

living in the kitchen

Every home has a meeting point, and a meeting room. For me is the kitchen.

christmas decoration!

What? Do you thinκ I’m rushing to bring the jingle joy inside? Well you guessed

warm your home!

it’s the right season to unbury your rugs and carpets, do some serious housework and

addicted to plants!

if i could, i would turn my living room into a jungle! Maybe my bedroom,

bathrooms with character!

Just because a bathroom is the smallest room in the house, doesn’t mean that it

styling a bookcase

My dream job is to become a librarian one day… so don’t judge me for

let’s go to Australia!

If you ever find yourself in Melbourne,there is a small lovely town,one and a half

studio life

What I really love about studio spaces is all that creativity that goes on.Vintage furniture,shabby

set up the bar cart!

Bar cart is the classic entertaining essential for your home.It always creates an easygoing atmosphere

A unique guesthouse in Skyros

If you want to enjoy your afternoon aperitif, having in front you the magical view

living the bohemian life

The bohemian home lives a gypsy life where rules are meant to be broken.It’s a

an eclectic Lisbon stay

 When my friends return from a trip, I tend to transform them into my personal

the tranquil bedrooms

from top to bottom:a.b.c.d.e If you find it hard to drag yourself out of bed

a beautiful mess!

from top to bottom:a.b.c.d.e I have long admired -and lived- that pretty,tidy and neat kitchen,but

live in plants!

from top to bottom:a.b.c.d.e Maybe the best way to spruce up a “not-so-living room”,is by

the winter decoration

from top to bottom: a.b.c.d Making your home “warmer” during the winter doesn’t mean turn

Let’s move to Detroit…

I’m always thrilled with the idea of a trip! But what I regard as the

working corners…

from top to bottom: 1/2/3/4/5 Being a freelancer, sometimes means working from Starbucks or being a

Pre-war charm in Berlin

What I love about small hotels in old buildings is, that charming story from an

a dream house

My love for homes has a thousand times,made me claim (or even shout) squatter’s rights

A new “home” !

It is about time to make some changes,both inner and outer.Before anything radical occurs,I feel

Ace Hotel,a hippie refuge!

I need to think,but I’ll give up the sea-idea.What I’ve missed is the oasis in

Vacation house : Tinos !

Summer is approaching  -if not yet arrived- and the search for the ultimate hotel room

bubble bath !

From the Advice kit : To tickle your vanity properly, a vintage clawfoot tub is

summer house!

A householder with principles who considers the beach house as a temple of hospitality an relaxation,gears

nomadic spirit!

The opportunity to rebuilt yourself from scratch,comes very rarely in life,so if it shows up,you

keep the vintage!

(top to bottom:1/2/3/4) After I “studied” the above pictures carefully,I made a conclusion which I

The Praktik Barcelona

What I always regarded as a very pleasant activity,was seeking accommodation for a city that I didn’t

spring preview

Why are you afraid of colour? I know it is hard sometimes to achieve a balance,especially when