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Shaken up! (for good)

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./ Submerged in sleep and in her illusionary mind which generates all types of dreams,

An unpredictable ending / Part 3

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./ Read part 1 here Read part 2 here  …in fairy tales there’s always a

An unpredictable ending (Part 2)

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven. Read Part 1 here In her messenger bag she had her favorite book, the

An unpredictable ending” / Part I

one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. Myriam was in the kitchen preparing a traditional Italian dinner that was her husband’s

A non-typical day at the zoo!

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./ Spring is the season that triggers emotions and cheers up your daily mood. Every

“A True Fighter”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./ March is the first month of the spring season and usually comes with a

“Not Another Crime-Story”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./ Dionne is a passionate photographer. No, no.. that’s not enough. Dionne is a real

The snow patrol ( Part II )

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight. Dmitri, Lena’s Russian colleague who recently landed in Finland, is definitely not an open

“The Snow Patrol”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./ Her snowmobile is waiting for her outside the small wooden chalet. Lena opens the

“ New Year’s Eve Misadventure ”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./ Johnny drives so fast his car that he can hardly control the movement of

“Coffee Anyone?”

one./two./three./ four./five./six./seven./eight./time 08.08 am The room is really cold this morning as the last night’s

“November Rain”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./ Victoria looks out of the window. The rain tonight is really intense. She’s observing

“Safe and Sound”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./ (If you missed the first part of the story read it here) After the

“Did you hear the news?”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./ Leila and Mike go to the library every Thursday afternoon after school to study

“Semper paratus”

flags./one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./  Walking down the quay, Jonathan observes the floating boats that are awaiting for their


one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./nine./ 23.40 pm We left Laura in her house with her pajamas on, ready to take

“An alternative Pajama Party!”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./ With a slight flashback to the 80′s and an intrusion into a 13-year old’s

“Light my Fire” (Part2)

one./ two./ three./ four./ five./ six./ seven./ The sunlight comes into the house in between the curtains, reflected on Anya’s beautiful

“Prova Generalle”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./ Carla leads a regal and noble life. As a famous opera actress and singer,

“How to bring a lover back”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./illustration. “Twist the bones and bend the back Itch-It-A-Cop-It-A-Mel-A-Ka-Mys-Ti-Ca Trim him of his baby fat

“Light my Fire”

vinyl./one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./ Anya isn’t just another old-fashioned girl. Even though she dresses like a girl living

“Too cool for school”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./ Matthew has never been an ordinary child. Since the time he was born, everything

The “sweetest revenge”

crown./one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./nine./ I am sure that you remember Anna. Because many of you can see their

“A dramatic ride”

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./nine./ A 30-year old woman, who has a really successful fiancé, an enviable job and

“Green with Envy”

 one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./nine./ Her garden is her personal shelter. Anna never felt more calm and relaxed. Everybody

Starting from Scratch!

 one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./nine./house number 2./house number 6./ Molly loves surprises and new beginnings. When she first thought

Spooky Camping Night !

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./nine./ Sarah loves hiking and camping. Her friends think that it is too dangerous for

guest post : “The Wake Up” Call

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./nine./ Sunday 13th March 2012 05:00 am, NY city Hal has another rough night. He

guest post : The Boho Queens!

one./ two./ three./ four./ five./ six./ seven./ eight./ nine./ Orange and purple colors in the

guest post: Credits for the puppy

one./ two./ three./ four./ five./ six./ seven./ eight./ nine./ 7:30 am..! The alarm clock keeps

guest post : Time machine goes ’92

one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./ Let’s talk about her. She’s not rich but she is beautiful. Once a pessimist,

guest post : the safari chic!

{one.Vintage Antler Trophy/ two.Roll-Up Panama Hat/ three.Bottle Opener/ four.Filigree-Metal and Acetate Sunglasses / five.Linen Pindot

guest post : Grooming time!

( one. “How to be a Man”  Book from Amazon/ two.Herbal Soap from Old Faithful Shop/  three.Shackleford