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maris and the new androgyny

Cotton suit H&M STUDIO. Pearl embroidered neck scarf JOHANNA. Pearl Embroidered Cuff JOHANNA. Feather & rhinestones

Planning our 2017 adventures with Truevoyagers!

Truevoyagers is a website created for all travel addicts. Pascal and Efthimis (aka Tim Kragfrom

Sanktoleono: in the lab!

I wake up, make some coffee and then take a moment of quite for myself.

extra-ordinary afternoon tea with Madame Gâteaux!

Calliope Anagnosti is a pastry chef and the woman behind  Madame Gâteaux. Madame Gâteaux was born out

matina’s extra-ordinary world!

1. your ordinary side: There is no ordinary side, there is no routine. This ordinary

things that make me happy / 2

Αthena Koutroumanos: “While i was finishing my churros for breakfast and trying to convince myself

secret garden: behind the scenes!

Flowers is one of the best things in life, or if you prefer the best.

an interview with eureka street food!

Eureka is a culinary project on wheels that’s roaming the streets and events of Barcelona,

shoreditch junk and vintage!

One of the most important things London teaches a newcomer is to be prepared for

a day with eirini fanarioti

1. your ordinary side: Ι can’t say i have any . “All my life is changing

bear n’ fox playing with chalk!

Well today I’m more than excited to introduce you to Johnna and Max Holmgren’s beautiful family

a day with my drunken haze

At a time when Athens was living her 2010 springtime, guitarist, songwriter and composer Spir

extra-ordinary people / 13

1. your ordinary side: I am either super lazy or super energetic. I guess my ordinary

extra-ordinary people / 12

1. your ordinary side: I have to be out doing something or else I feel stagnant.

an unexpected meeting with Stella

It is this modern way of life that make things much easier . Given the

extra-ordinary design duet!

1.your ordinary side: (A) Serial mom and wife.  (F) My need for affection. 2. your extra-ordinary

extra-ordinary people / 11

1. your ordinary side: Demanding rehearsals before an exhausting bar-tending. 2. your extra-ordinary side: I’m

extra-ordinary studio!

For Marina (left) and Tatiani (right) inspiration,creativity and a lifelong  friendship were the three primary

extra-ordinary people / 10

1. your ordinary side: Never really grow up, only learn how to act in public.

extra-ordinary people / 9

1.your ordinary side: Workaholic but pregnant! 2.your extra-ordinary side: I detest the fish in our

extra-ordinary people / 8

1.your ordinary side: Being creative ! 2.your extra-ordinary side: Being able to keep things in

extra-ordinary people / 7

1.your ordinary side: The question is a trap!I am jealous,I drive a car and I don’t ride

extra-ordinary people / 6

1.your ordinary side: I’m a messy trash collector! 2.your extra-ordinary side: For this facet of my personality,

extra-ordinary people / 5

1.your ordinary side: Grumpy  2.your extra-ordinary side: Extra-grumpy.  3.what do you brew in the pot?  A

extra-ordinary people / 4

1.your ordinary side: Sometimes what you see is what you get.It’s that simple. 2.your extra-ordinary side:

extra-ordinary people / 3

1.your ordinary side: Invisible. 2.your extra-ordinary side: Semi-invisible. 3.what do you brew in the pot? A bit of

extra-ordinary people / 2

1.your ordinary side: It’s my  daily schedule.When I’m hooked to the agenda, I function mechanically.

extra-ordinary people / 1

1.your ordinary side: I seem quiet and logical, but that’s only my phenotype. 2.your extra-ordinary