August 4, 2017

brunching alfresco!


Last week he had the pleasure of hosting a party brunch for four with Amaryllis from The Tasty Other, her sister Alkyoni, and Calliope from Madame Gâteaux! It feels so great to celebrate summertime with good friends in a beautiful setting. Both Calliope and Amaryllis had prepared super tasty dishes for our little feast which were served under the trees in the fantastic garden of Madame Gateaux’s new lab. Be sure to check their blogs here and here, for recipes and tips! Go get inspired!

brunch2 brunch3 brunch4

Fig cheesecake with a Chocolate, Dried Fig, Walnut Base from Calliope, find the recipe here.

brunch5 brunch6 brunch7


Tomato & nectarine pie with feta from Amaryllis


(right) Lemony Spicy Eggs en Cocotte, from Amaryllis, find the recipe here


Mango & Raspberry Jelly Panacottas from Calliope, find the recipe here.

brunch11 brunch12 brunch13 brunch14

(post created especially for, The Tasty Other and Madame Gâteaux, photos by Gertrude)

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