January 28, 2015

Brick Lane Market


“Honey, what are we searching for? Used diapers or vintage Chanel? “. This was the first reaction of my friend Nicolas when I forced him to forget bed on a Sunday morning and join me to this endless stroll along the Brick Lane Market. And he wasn’t wrong at all, because the East End Hotspot has it all. From household goods, tools and bargain fruits to the most uncommon vintage pieces, bric-a-bracs, quirky accessories and retro furniture. If I was searching for used diapers, I would have found a dozen, but while working my way through the crowd I realised that shopping could wait because the most interesting part was the edgy mishmass of people. It’s obvious what really caught my attention, enjoy!

brick_lane2 brick_lane3 brick_lane4 brick_lane5 brick_lane6 brick_lane7 brick_lane8 brick_lane9 brick_lane10 brick_lane11 brick_lane12 brick_lane13 brick_lane14 brick_lane15

Brick Lane (North of Railway Bridge)
Cygnet St, Sclater St, Bacon St, Cheshire St
E1 6SB

Opening Hours: 8am-2pm Sun , Transport: Tube, Aldgate East/Liverpool St

(photos by Gertrude Gary Milk, post created especially for teapot.gr)

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