February 8, 2015

Brick Lane Market / 2


Are you bored people of a second stroll along the Brick Lane Market? When enough is enough? I can’t even detect the finish line, so if you don’t stop this obsession you may be spammed with another post about this intriguing area! Here is the last one I promise, but if you ever ask for more, you know where to find it..

brick_lane22 brick_lane23 brick_lane24 brick_lane25 brick_lane26 brick_lane27 brick_lane28 brick_lane29 brick_lane210 brick_lane211 brick_lane213 brick_lane214 brick_lane215 brick_lane216 brick_lane217

Brick Lane (North of Railway Bridge)
Cygnet St, Sclater St, Bacon St, Cheshire St
E1 6SB

Opening Hours: 8am-2pm Sun , Transport: Tube, Aldgate East/Liverpool St

(photos by Gertrude Gary Milk, post created especially for teapot.gr)

did you miss the first part? see it here !

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