September 17, 2014

back in august floating


I’m aware of the fact that you are probably flirting with a brand new sweater, a pair of leather boots and a faux-fur coat because summer is officially over but would you mind wearing your bikkini again until this post is over?


If I had to tell you one thing and get straight to the point is that if you’ve never bought a ticket to Tinos then you were somehow deceived by other Greek islands! And in order to convince you, I chose my favourite part of our holidays there, and a pretty girl winking above to polish up my “propaganda” techniques.


So here we are, lying on the beach of Kolybithra, swinging in hammocks, murmuring Jack Jonson lyrics, tasting juicy tomatoes and local beers from the Surf Club and having the slightest idea on how to ride a surfboard.



And since rarely do people indulge in their favourite “activities” only once, the same schedule was repeated the day after. Τhis place was a heaven with a Volkswagen van!





Looking forward to going back soon? absolutely yes! Good times ensued.


(photography Gertrude G. Milk, thank you Nikki Hayia for breathing the same sun with me)

find more information about the Surf Club in Kolibithra here

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