July 21, 2016

anthologia humana & lifelikes!


A single “component” like butterflies, can be the connector between people, laughters, food, music, a charming jewellery brand and a way too beautiful shop. LifeLikes visits Anthologia Humana for a very special event and gives “wings” to everyone being present at this small and sweet feast.

anthologia2 anthologia3

Anthologia Humana is a dazzling and adorable store in Chalandri Area, known for its fine selections of garments, shoes, accessories and home goods. Every piece on display is for sale, from floral dresses and romantic hats to Moroccan pendant lights and Polish ceramics.

anthologia4 anthologia5

The day of the event the whole place was transformed into a LifeLikes lab. Numerous boxes containing charms and beads in different shapes and colours were spread all over the the wooden table and the sweet girls from LifeLikes were creating personalised pieces of jewellery upon request.

anthologia6 anthologia7 anthologia8 anthologia9 anthologia10

“Pineapples, mini hearts, elephants, lucky charms and mini quotes could in a few moment be part of your wrist!”

anthologia11 anthologia24 anthologia13


Word spread quickly that the menu was all made by the fantastic Madame Gâteaux, so her delicious stand soon became the place to be spoiled. Cold refreshing hibiscus tea, mini cucumber sandwiches, savoury muffins and her buttery lemon curd biscuits started popping up throughout the guests’ plates.

anthologia15 anthologia16 anthologia17 anthologia19 anthologia20

“Τhe day of the event, every guest donated a small amount of money and with their kind gestures, Anthologia Humana and LifeLikes gave winds to Klimaka a non profit organisation that develops actions to prevent social exclusion, which vulnerable groups of population suffer from.”

anthologia21 anthologia22

“Just for this special occasion Lifelikes and Anthologia Humana teamed up and created a very elegant bracelet with butterfly wings, the day’s highlight!”



 Great music by The Dead Hoofers was all around giving the rhythm for wiggles and claps. Everyone was having a ball and laughters were mixing up with their awesome swing tunes.

anthologia27 anthologia26 anthologia28

When this much attention has been paid to every detail it’s no wonder why people had a permanent smile upon their face. You would have loved everything about this summer gathering. The store was celebrating, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming, people were coming and go, searching through Anthologia‘s treasures, customising their LifeLikes bracelets, tasting the delicious menu, dancing to music. Thank you all, its was a real blast!

anthologia30 anthologia31 anthologia32

anthologia33 anthologia35Be sure to check also this awesome video from the event and get completely into the mood!

(Event held by Anthologia Humana, 41 Papandreou Andrea, 152 32 Chalandri, Greece. Jewellery by LifeLikes, menu by Madame Gâteaux, music by The Dead Hoofers, photos by teapot.gr, video by Konstantinos Tsakmaz)

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