March 28, 2014

an unexpected meeting with Stella


It is this modern way of life that make things much easier . Given the opportunity to browse through an instagram profile you might be lucky to meet and get close to people through social media. I somehow stumbled upon Stella’s pictures on instagram and I was instantly smitten by her unique aesthetic and style.


We made our appointment on a Friday morning in a tiny classic bar. Over a cup of tea and a cappuccino, sitting into comfortable armchairs next to the bright windows we had a long, honest and lovely conversation about everything that makes us wonder.


Stella is a director, a multitasking mum, a great “capturer” of the right moment. She wears owl earrings and red lipstick. She dances on taps shoes and works endlessly. She says “good morning” to every child in the neighbourhood and wears her daughter’s handmade rings. She is a wife, an artist, a daydreamer, always inspiring and creative, and always a perfectionist.


A couple of days later she invited me at her home. A large space with windows that let natural light in. I counted a piano and two guitars, a great deal of vintage and antique finds, numerous vinyl, discs, books and frames and an atmosphere of a happy family inhabiting and reigning the place.


After a bit of chatter and a few bites of a chocolate brioche, she took us to her famous red velvet sofa. We exchanged some portraits, she played a Tchaikovsky piece on the piano and we set off to the theatre.



Stella is directing and performing in a theatre play that focuses on the relationship between mother and child and examining how her hug influences parenting and, consequently, child. Will the baby stay forever in their arms? Will the parents evolve into a vibrant photo that shows love without boundaries and will accompany it silently in the rest of it’s life?



For more information about the play visit “My mum’s great Hug” page on Facebook here

You also can take a look at the Stella’s Serefoglou work on vimeo and instagram.

(photgraphy and words by Gertrude, post created especially for

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