October 1, 2015

an interview with eureka street food!


Eureka is a culinary project on wheels that’s roaming the streets and events of Barcelona, offering high quality californian food on the go! Eureka, inspired by the gold rush, is the official motto of California, and the official motto of Gaston and Priscilla, as well. They aim to hit the streets, be at your wedding and go to concerts or festivals to serve their yummy treasures of street food!


Priscilla is from Los Angeles, California and has seen first hand how food trucks have become an institution in an increasingly moving city. Tired of longing for these charismatic characters of the streets, is why she decided along with Gaston to take the hard road and open their own food truck in Barcelona. We are feeling so lucky and inspired having their exclusive interview here on teapot! Glad we found you! Eureka!


1.) how did you start your project? Gaston had been working at a graphic design agency for a few years, unmotivated and bored with his daily routine he knew he didn’t want to sit in front of a computer any longer, though he would complete his shifts scrolling down tumblr for campaign and design inspiration. After so many scrolls later, Gaston finally came across a picture that did more than inspire him, but enlightened his current reality. He saw his future all within a picture of a Citroen HY. During that time i was living in Barcelona for a second year teaching english, but craved for a new adventure and new source of motivation. It was a no brainer the day Gaston found his latest muse, and no questions were asked when he shared it with me. It was long overdue, authentic flavours from back home and food trucks were elements that i knew, had to make a breakthrough in Barcelona. And then and there we dived into the idea! Yearning for thrill + longing for flavours from back home + the absence of food trucks in Barcelona was the perfect combination that resulted in Eureka Street Food!


2.) which is the biggest satisfaction from your job? The biggest satisfaction is knowing that we made Eureka on our own. When we started Barcelona was a city with no food trucks, the concept was non existent but we believed in Eureka Street Food and made it happen.


3.) how does it feel to work on wheels? ADVENTUROUS! Working on wheels has given us a number of anecdotes to pass down to our grandchildren. Every event with Eureka is a life of its own, different people, different settings, different ambience. All worth the ride!


4.) does this make you feel a kind of freedom? Definitely! Not knowing what we´re going to encounter when we drive off with our food truck makes ¨going to work¨ irrelevant. This in itself gives us our FREEDOM.

eureka5 eureka6

5.) have you though about traveling to other countries too? All the time. Not only is it enriching for gastronomic inspiration but traveling is who we are.

eureka8 eureka9

6.) what do you love and what you can’t stand while working? What I love is being able to prepare some of our favorite flavors inspired from back home for people in Barcelona, however finding authentic ingredients can be challenging at times. And what we cant stand or don’t like is the fact that working freely in the streets is far from legal in Barcelona, making us dependent on private events and public festivals that are currently taking advantage of this newfound trend. Organizers of these events are exploiting and saturating this movement, generating a quick disinterest in people.


7.)how would you describe your job? Unpredictable and rewarding!


8.) have you ever thought about opening a restaurant? As time passes, the thought of opening a restaurant becomes more clear!


9.) which is your dream? To be able to take off to any destination without hesitation, something that both Gaston and I are trying to work hard at. We want to believe that all our hard effort, sweat and struggles are going to payoff, and at the moment, I can not complain.


Love their project? I bet you do! Be sure to follow Eureka Street Food on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter and never miss a post from their adventurous and tasty life! If you are also interested in having the yummiest Californian street food in one of your events, contact them here.

Thank you Gaston and Priscilla for being part of this post!

(all photos kindly offered by Héctor Fotógrafo Barcelona, German Parga Photography and Keith Isaacs Photography, interview by teapot.gr )

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