Gertrude Gary Milk, is a photographer and professional blogger, born in Athens, Greece. After a short and not to her taste “career” in the scientific field,she decided to change her ship’s course and headed to more inspiring waters.  To keep body and soul together, feeds on little details that transform unbearable into desirable, calms her vibrant spirit with a daily exposure to art and design resources and indulges in the pleasure given by a charming po(s)t! Currently working and nestling globally, calls teapot  her permanent residence and is willing to share her bursting creativity with her newbie readers and her loyal demanding a comeback!


Tim Krag : Born in Patras, Greece and having studied Biology thanks to his passion for environmental issues, makes up his mind and starts his “metamorphosis” into a passionate blogger. Loves to read and be read and hopes that through his “witty” verbal creations and suspenseful “Fashion Stories”, some will freeze for a while, others will adopt his quotes and the rest will cherish teapot and yearn for the upcoming..

Gelly K. Rais lives the life of a drama Queen when not attending her Drama School lessons. With her inherited talent she creates and directs exceptional themes for every teapot project, and never fails to entertain us with a little role play. Her passion for making sweets, has turned her kitchen into a confectionery,open for close friends and beloveds. She keeps her dancing skills secret until a debout with her tap-tap shoes.

Miliband Ralph was accidentally born in the late 80′s and still makes daily attempts with an improvised time machine in order to return back to 50′s. Having the natural gift of communication, she rapidly became the core part of teapot’s social life. She keeps her “marzipan and cherry” flavored tea stored in metallic tins and dreams of reaching the highest summit in the sake of an adventurous descent with her snowboard.