June 17, 2013

A unique guesthouse in Skyros

If you want to enjoy your afternoon aperitif, having in front you the magical view of Aegean, while sitting on a 17th century opium bed, styled with bespoke Marc Jacobs pillows, then “TR2 the rooms” in Skyros, Greece should be your one and only choice!

Εntrepreneur Georgios C. Carabellas and TR2 the lifestyle band are excited to announce their new project in the island of Skyros, just after the success of TR2 the Kolonaki Edition concept store. They now invite you to see and visit their luxurious, yet picturesque suites.

The introvert yard, right outside Suite No 2 (out of the two that are offered), layed with reclaimed old tiles and the so recognizable Greek round metal tables and chairs, is ideal for enjoying a cup of traditional Greek coffee.

The traditional Skyrian lay-out of Sfa/Attic if featured in Suite No 2, ideal for children and adolescents because of the intimacy of the structure.

The kitchen is one of the most interesting rooms, where the sumptuous breakfast of Kiria Kali will be served. The room is fully stocked with local treats, eggs, bread, fruits and homemade ice-creams for the guests.

Skyros is an unspoilt island, eager to be explored. There is a rich natural habitat, varying from lush vegetation of pine trees to bare and dry valleys and an impeccably organized road system, which encourages all different types of transportation.

So do not hesitate to visit Skyros, having the best time in “TR2 the rooms” suites.

For further questions and for your own reservations, send an e-mail to contact@thissionr2.com or call at +302103460096

Did you like the photos? Visit TR2 the Rooms for more!

Travel Reportage and Text by Tim Krag

(photo selection by Gertrude)

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