May 25, 2012

A new “home” !

It is about time to make some changes,both inner and outer.Before anything radical occurs,I feel that I should take a quick glance at my workplace and decide whether I am satisfied or not.I am still doubting about moving out,but I am more than determined that If I do so,Green and Yellow are two colors that my new office would pleasurably welcome…

This weekend I hope to arrive at a conclusion…See you on Monday,Gertrude!

one.Bayswater Fabric from John Lewis/two.Industrial Task Table Lamp form West Elm/three.Green Armchair from Maisons du Monde/four.Brass Hippo from Jonathan Adler/five.Decorative Pillow from The Crossdesign/six.Marimekko Bowl from Scandinavian Design Center/seven.Cabinet from Maisons du Monde


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