March 26, 2014

A heaven of tranquillity in India!


Abode Bombay is the city’s first real boutique hotel. Situated right in the heart of  Colaba , Mumbai’s most popular tourist and business district, offers a haven of tranquillity. The city is a noisy combination of colour and chaos but inside you’ll find the piece and sanctuary to enjoy a hotel room that fells like home.


“Housed in a heritage building from 1910, Abode comes with odd, artsy pieces of decor, colonial and Art Deco, hardwood and wicker furniture from the city’s second hand markets.”


“The lobby is a clean and calm public space that retains Bombay’s charm. Somewhere you can sit, relax and have a chat with other travellers and locals over a cup of chai, a home away from home. The library was inspired by the old book sellers in the nearby area of Fort, with their tiny spaces jam packed and stacked with books that can be bought by the kilo.”


“Bedroom light fittings and bed side stands have been designed in house by Young Citizens, inspired by local street hawker stands. Photographs of Bombay have been collected from friends and travellers to the city, as well as from local vintage markets.”


“Existing tiled floors on the staircase landing, with hand made ‘hotel’ light box.”


“Most of the furniture was market sourced and restored raj-era wicker furniture. They even use vintage electrical switches and second hand sari’s for some of the fabrics.”


“The entire concept of the hotel was based on the layering within the city of several historical periods. ”


For more information visit:  Abode Bombay, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharastra, India, 400001

Hotel designed by  Young Citizens

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