February 12, 2015

a day with eirini fanarioti


1. your ordinary side: Ι can’t say i have any . “All my life is changing every day, in every possible way..”
2. your extra-ordinary side: Cooking. I do it only when I’m in love.

 3. what do you brew in the pot? I always keep myself busy, with another play for example.  Firstly, I read a lot and then I try to figure out if I want to work on it or just leave it aside for the moment. Theatre is not my only occupation. I love playing music, so i often have a live performance in mind. I also enjoy kick boxing, I have a lovley dog, Domna, and I try to spend my free time with her. There is always something to do. No free time..

4. had you the choice before birth would you choose to be a man or a woman? I like the way i am and I wouldn’t ask for a choice. I enjoy being surprised by life, most of the time.


5. your most precious possession: A Christmas tree bought from koniklos  ,made by my best friend Irini Mpountali. I used to hate that time of the year but this tree changed completely the way I feel about Christmas now.
6. a luxury that you owe to yourself and never abandon: Having dinner or just a drink with my beloved ones, at least every second day!


7. a habit that can be translated into an obsession: I really can’t stay away from my iPad. I regret saying it, but it’s almost an obsession for me. I check out the daily news, facebook, instagram, e-mails and all the stuff in the web. It’s the first thing i do when i wake up in the morning, even if there is no time left to spend on it..


8. what can drive you to crime?  Violence against strays and animals..

9. a dream that visits you quite frequently. Me, leaving home without shoes or clothes.


10. is the comedy or the tragedy mask that suits you best? I really don’t know. While acting at “Megaloi Dromoi” i enjoyed both “masks” and i think that every actor needs the comedy part as much as he needs the tragedy part, in order to be balanced in a role. It’s definitely not the one or the other. Every character has more than one side, so if you have to deal with a comedy, you should also find the tragic side and through this process you can achieve a perfectly funny role. Take “Friends” for example, they feel everything in a complete way.


11. where do your own “ Megaloi Dromoi ” end? is there always a finish line?  No. I don’t believe in ends. Although, sometimes, this can be a problem.


12. a lesson learned when experimenting with direction? what do directors see that actors can’t? Directing was a revealing experience for me. Not just concerning acting. I had a position from where I was able to observe human behaviour and also realise things that i did wrong in the past, as an actress. Of course none of us does the wrong things on purpose. This happens because we all feel vulnerable when being on stage and exposing ourselves and our feelings. It’s not easy. When I beco fully aware of that fact, I kept saying to my people ‘just don’t worry, trust me’, and they did so.


13. a question you always wanted to answer: I have no solutions. I just act.


Eirini Fanrioti is directing and playing at “Megaloi Dromoi” , based on texts written by Lena Kitsopoulou, Neos Kosmos Theatre, Athens,  17 January – 5 Αpril , 2015

Direction: Eirini Fanarioti, T.d.S.  (Terre de Semis), Set Design: Yannis Arvanitis, Costume Design: T.d.S. , Original Music: Fotis Siotas, Movement: Amalia Benet, Hara Kotsali, Lighting Design: Giorgos Tabakakis, Assistant Director: Nadia Margariti With: Myrto Grapsa, Aris Laskos, Eirini Fanarioti, photos: Angelica Aufrais, Vassilis Antonopoulos

For more information about days and tickets, visit Neos Kosmos Theatre

(photos by Gertrude Gary Milk, post created especially for teapot.gr)

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