July 30, 2014

a blueberry farm in Portugal!


Set within the Herdade da CostaTerra amidst one of Europe’s most beautiful and untouched coastlines, Uva do Monte can be characterized by both its proximity to the sea and it’s tranquil agricultural surroundings. As the reconversion of an old farmer’s quarters and working environs, the 12 rooms available were inspired by local themes, colours and feelings. These rooms are set to tune your stay to the sound of nature and the sea in a carefree fashion defined by simplicity.


Uva do Monte is, in fact, the regional term for blueberries and this lea has been used by several generations of farmers to grow the most varied fruit and veg. In recent years people at Uva do Monte reconverted the agricultural strategy towards a certified biological production and  grew strawberries, honeydews and zucchinis.









About 2 km away you will find the Aberta Nova Beach – an almost entirely deserted beach and one of this coast’s best kept secrets. At night, when the sea is rougher, you can hear the waves at Uva do Monte and by day you will find that this beach is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the summer sun.



Price range: from 70.00 € / night (for two persons)

Uva do Monte
Herdade da CostaTerra
Lugar das Fontaínhas, RIC 67 Aberta a Nova, Melides
Tel. 213 461 381

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