March 7, 2016

wedding ideas to get inspired, just in case / 2

1.) Jarith & Brandi:


Ready to be inspired again? You just loved our previous wedding post so why not one more? This couple that met through Instagram chose a rustic and elegant way to celebrate the big day with a huge party at the end of the night!

wed_idea2 wed_idea3 wed_idea4 wed_idea5 wed_idea6 wed_idea7 wed_idea8

wed_idea9 wed_idea10 wed_idea11 wed_idea12

(this wedding photos by Shane Shepherd)

2.) Ursula and Chris:


“I wore a red dress, not white, because I didn’t feel like ‘me’ in any of the classic white ones that I tried on. We had a cute red kombi van rather than a classic old car because we figured if we had to hire transport, it may as well be fun! We ordered a tiramisu cake rather than a classic wedding cake because… well, we really wanted to eat tiramisu at our wedding!”

wed_idea14 wed_idea15 wed_idea16 wed_idea17 wed_idea18 wed_idea19 wed_idea20 wed_idea21 wed_idea22 wed_idea23 wed_idea25 wed_idea26

(this wedding photos by Lara Hotz)

3.) Emma and Mike: 


Personal details, fun and picnic vibes! The bride arrived at the ceremony in the couple’s new vintage camper in a wedding dress found on eBay and a chamomile bouquet!

wed_idea28 wed_idea29 wed_idea30 wed_idea31




wed_idea35 wed_idea36 wed_idea37 wed_idea38 wed_idea39 wed_idea40

(this wedding photos by Jess Petrie)

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