April 22, 2013

tiny editorial / 30 (Part2)

A couple of weeks ago we featured the first part of our 1960′s tiny editorial.Remember?

Today Kaal is following a “solo career” and  seems like posing for her first album cover!

The glitter tights and the embellished blouse from Preloved Athens made a lovely sparkly match!

Working with Kaal was an unforgettable experience!(If only I could show you some backstage photos!)

We are currently working on other past decade projects guided by tons of vintage inspiration…!

“The 1960′s”

model: Kaal photography and art direction: Gertrude Gary Milk hair and makeup: Alex Sofos

special thanks : to Miliband Ralph for her valuable help 

wardrobe : glitter tights and embellished blouse from Preloved Athens

(the photo-shooting took place at Capu Bar&Cafe,Lekka 14,Athens)

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