January 13, 2013

tiny editorial / 25 with 55DSL

We feel very lucky today because 55DSL ,the Italian streetwear label,part of the Diesel family opened its showroom for teapot to experiment!

Ralph Miliband,our very new contributor,tried on some garments of their Spring /Summer 2013 Collection  that you haven’t  probably seen around yet.

To add a vintage touch to our tiny editorial post we borrowed  50′s accessories from Ralph’s huge personal collection!

What we really wanted to take with us after the photo shooting was the denim,polka dotted overall and the cat-eye sunglasses!

To celebrate teapot’s first collaboration we shipped our favorite tea and shared a quiche,like families,after an exhausting day,do!

posing: Ralph Miliband  styling and photos: teapot.gr  hair and makeup: Alex Sofos  special assistant: Akrivi R.

wardrobe:  55DSL

(eyeglasses and headbands from personal collection)

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