January 16, 2013

“The Snow Patrol”


Her snowmobile is waiting for her outside the small wooden chalet. Lena opens the door and looks down. Her wooden-snowshoes are there, where she left them yesterday night. Despite the heavy snowfall, she had to leave the cosy house, in order to carry out her daily patrol in the area. That’s her job, anyway.

 In north Finland, this time of year, -35o C  constitute a common temperature and Lena with her green fur-hooded military coat is ready for action. Last week she found a dead body in the ground, torn apart by wolves, hypothesizing that the man had been an unfortunate drunken beggar trapped during the avalanche. For Lena, this type of images are not always tolerable and after she has seen the corpse, she felt really nauseous and vomited, staining the white snow.

 Her heavy boots give her a good footing on the snowmobile, which reaches really low velocity but is the only means of transport in the almost isolated village. Very often, she feels lonely living by herself in this creepy place. However, she is serving the public with her job, thus feeling really proud of her contribution to the community.

 Today, she is about to meet a new colleague, who is responsible for patrolling the area next to hers and she is really anxious, given that it’s been a while since she last saw a living person! Taking off her cute mittens, she releases her hands andmoves back her long brown hair, exposing her strong angular face.

 The authorities’ building is pretty huge compared to her tiny chalet and warmer than hers, yet luxurious and noble. The man is waiting for her, seated on the couch.

 D: Hi, you must be Lena, I’m Dmitri. I’m Russian and I’ve just moved here.

L: Nice to meet you. It’s really nice to have a person to talk to in this deserted place.

D: That’s true. I think that our patrols may coincide sometimes.

Goosebumps penetrate her body and the need to take out of her pocket the whiskey flask is bigger than ever. Dmitri is tall, blond and handsome in a mysterious way. His blue eyes look witty and seem to carry a secret. A secret that will soon be unveiled in the most peculiar way..

 To be continued..

By Tim Krag

(product search and photo collage by Gertrude)