October 9, 2012



23.40 pm

We left Laura in her house with her pajamas on, ready to take off, so furious you can’t imagine. The telephone call that she received minutes ago was really upsetting and it was an obvious joke from the 13-year old male classmates that Laura has and is totally ashamed of. She is pretty sure that on a Saturday night the boys would have gathered in the burger restaurant of her neighborhood, 2 blocks away.

Red face full of wrath, an irritating headache due to her nerves and a glowing sparkle in her eyes signal the start of a very interesting fight which we will observe. A discreet black singlet and a wild jungle print skirt compose the ideal outfit for an intense but classy assault.

It’s really dark outside and as it is kind of late for a girl of her age to walk around alone, she decides to wear her white vintage roller skaters in order to be elusive for the possible criminals and stalkers. 

23.50 pm

 “You monster, how dare you call me in the middle of the night threatening me to death?”

 Robert was sitting with his friends enjoying his dinner on the colorful burger basket, when Laura stormed into the restaurant and started yelling at him. It was clear that she understood that he was the one and only responsible for the indecent joke.

 Laura after the first round of the fight that had only cries and some inappropriate words, she grabs a ketchup from the condiments bottle set and the real party has just begun!

 The poor waitress throws away her eat-pad and her witty character pen and runs towards the arena. Covered with tomato sauce head-to-toe, Robert hasn’t yet had a reaction that would justify his action. Isn’t it weird?

 24.00 pm

 “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Laura, happy birthday to you..!!!!”

 The girls and the boys sing altogether to celebrate Laura’s birthday managing to create the right atmosphere for an unforgettable feast! It was all Robert’s idea and when Laura was talking about how distraught the boys of her age are, she seemed to be completely right.

 Fully blushed, totally embarrassed and without a burrow to sneak in and remain until the end of her life, she forms a little smile and looks Robert in the eyes, praying for forgiveness. He, never being reluctant and unwilling to give absolution for her behavior, approaches and gives her a soft kiss wishing for a happy, joyful, healthy and creative life..

“Happy birthday Laura…”


Specially dedicated to all those who have their birthday these days and mainly today, like I do! Have a blast y’all!

By Tim Krag

(product search and photo collage by Gertrude)

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