May 30, 2012

Starting from Scratch!

 one./two./three./four./five./six./seven./eight./nine./house number 2./house number 6./

Molly loves surprises and new beginnings. When she first thought to move out and look for a new apartment, she believed that a brand new house would erase the mistakes of the past and would push her to a much better future.

16:23 pm

 Floor full of boxes. Empty walls waiting to be embellished by her paintings. A body walking around, trying to find a claw hummer in order to hang her new body of work. As a painter and a restless spirit, she expresses herself through her drawings. The latest one is black with gray uneven lines and purple spots. The most ideal example of misery and desperation.

 Her ex-husband never liked her denim overall painter pants but they are so comfortable while working and give her a cool alternative style. The truth is that he hated almost every single thing on her. From her boxed  set of vintage books to her favorite neon pink sneakers, each small cute and colorful detail could destroy his day. How has she managed to pursue a terrible life with a vacant cold-blooded beast?

 The hours keep passing and the noise of wrapping paper starts to hypnotize her as it’s the only sound  she’s listening to for at least 3 hours. She feels sleepy, her eyelids are closing and her mind dives into a serene and peaceful sleep. Or maybe not so peaceful..

 Howard: We have to end this. I can’t stand your immaturity and your silly girly attitude.

Molly: I never understood why I loved you so much. I wish that our relationship was a hideous nightmare and tomorrow I will wake up alone and free..

Howard: Let’s be honest. You will never forget me. You are helpless by yourself. You’ll end up full of memories and with my presence stuck on your head.

Molly: You are right. I have and I will have memories of you. But only a fool stores his past in the future. Goodbye..

Her garden pot falls down suddenly and she opens her eyes. Thanks God, it was just a dream!

She is lonely once again but now independent, strong and ready for a life from scratch!

A house “longing” for life and optimism, a woman feeling at last good on her own skin and the end of the story is up to you my beloved readers!

By Tim Krag

(product finds and photo collage by Gertrude)

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