May 23, 2012

Spooky Camping Night !


Sarah loves hiking and camping. Her friends think that it is too dangerous for a young woman to sleep alone in the woods especially now that hunger and poverty can transform each desperate man in a vicious predator.

But, she is so well-equipped once again. Her green canvas backpack is full of supplies that will last for days if something wrong occurs. The weather is getting hotter these days, so her jean shorts constitute a really good choice. Moreover, she never forgets her tiny solar powered radio, as it’s her only company here that there is no human presence for miles.

 24:00 midnight

 Night makes the scenery even spookier while the shadows that her yellow storm lantern create, keep playing with her nerves. Her favorite red T-shirt has become all sweaty from the fear, the high temperature and the moisture of the air “born” by a river that lies not far away from her spot. Tonight it’s the only time when she’s not sure about her trip. She starts to regret her decision when she hears a weird repetitive noise that comes from the bushes. It’s like somebody is trying to break something with a rock.

Sarah is not fearless and her daredevil spirit is absent right now. Trying to step back, her espadrilles slip on a broken branch and seconds later, she lies on the ground.

 Little Boy: I think that it’s been ages since the last time I saw a woman all alone by herself in the middle of the forest.

 Sarah: What are you doing here? You’re just a kid. You’re not supposed to wander in the dark. What are you holding in your hand?

 Little Boy: Rocks. I was trying to break some nuts. I am here with my father. We are pursuing a “nomadic” style of life.

 Sarah: So, you are constantly traveling all around the country?

 Little Boy: Yes, all the time. My father says “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

Midnight conversations, a “wise” child, an astonished young lady and the end of the story will remain a well hidden secret my beloved readers!

 P.S. Shhhh.. Do not make any noise. You never know who or what is hidden in the dark.

By Tim Krag

(product finds and photo collage by Gertrude)

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