April 1, 2016

shops of the week / embroidery designs

1. Cinder & Honey

em1“ Cinder & Honey is a family business established in 2013 by myself, Caitlin & my husband, Michael. I am the designer & hand embroidery artist while Michael takes care of everything “behind the scenes”.”

em2” Embroidery started as a hobby for me and turned into a part time job where I get to be my own boss. Everything you see started out as a sketch on paper. From there (after many edits and revisions) it gets transferred to fabric and stitched! I sell my work as a finished, hand embroidered piece as well as patterns that you can purchase & stitch yourself. “

em3 em4 em5

” I am inspired by the world around of me – most of all florals and nature. I believe flowers should last a lifetime & that’s why I stitch them! There is so much diversity especially when it comes to florals, I’m constantly stitching them and coming up with ways to re work them and make them even more unique. “

em6” Every time you purchase from my shop you are supporting my creative adventure & my family. I am constantly creating and coming up with new ideas & patterns. It means the world to me to have fresh designs and beautiful stitchery available for you to display in your home. “


For more information visit Cinder & Honey website here. Shop some embroidery art here and get inspired on instagram here.


2. Sarah Benning:


“ Sarah K. Benning is an American fiber artist currently living in Menorca, Spain. Though Sarah’s formal training and background are in the fine arts, she is self-taught in the art of embroidery. “


” She approaches each piece as an illustration rather than a textile, often abandoning traditional stitches and techniques in favor of bold shapes, playful patterns, and contemporary subject matter. Her emphasis on drawing, composition, and color choice keeps her work fresh and vibrant. “



” Sarah’s embroideries often depict potted plants and her newest works position these potted gardens in interior spaces and pairs them with other textiles.  She approaches these pieces as illustrations, creating drawings in pencil directly onto the fabric before filling the image in with thread. “


” In this way, the thread become more like ink or paint than traditional embroidery, which accentuates the bold shapes, patterns, and color in the compositions. “


” These works are inspired by Sarah’s own potted plant collection and a general appreciation for nature.  Other subject matter in the past has included crystals and mineral formations, tranquil seascapes, and lunar phases. “


For more information visit her website here, follow her on instagram here and shop her amazing designs here.


3. Thread Honey Design


“ THREAD HONEY DESIGN is the brainchild of Jenn Riggs, a graphic designer and pop culture enthusiast currently living in Indianapolis. Jenn graduated with a degree in multimedia communication and visual arts and used this to develop a blend of hoop embroidery, necklace designs and textile art. “

em19 em20 em21 em22 em23 em24

Find more about THREAD HONEY DESIGN visit her website here, shop Jenn’s awesome designs here and don’t miss her daily stitching dose on instagram here.


(all photos courtesy of the designers)

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