November 16, 2012

“Safe and Sound”


(If you missed the first part of the story read it here)

After the great shock of last afternoon’s incident in the Public Library, Leila feels really weak on the hospital’s bed. Yesterday, due to her high temper and her diabetes problem, she passed out in front of the building, leaving her friend Mike in despair.

 Now that she lies helpless inside the indifferent white-lighted room, she is trying to put her thoughts into an order and pick up her fallen pieces. Today’s morning is freezing cold and the temperature, according to the weather forecast, will drop even more during the night. Her parents will come to keep her company before she gets asleep but she only wishes that one person came to see her.

 Mike crosses the huge park,full of pines and oaks outside the hospital, having a strong pace. A pair of warm socks together with a hand sewn woolen cap protect him from the chilling atmosphere. He is really anxious about Leila’s condition and he feels a bit guilty about not knowing that she always keeps her injections inside her backpack. His scarf matches perfectly his elegant embellished with leather details bag, which carries a little secret.

 The sky goes darker and it’s almost dinner time. Mike asks Leila’s mother at the waiting room if he could see his friend for a while in the park. Even though the doctors feel that she is still powerless, a stroll with the carriage in the open air would definitely improve her blue mood.

When she saw him, she couldn’t believe how handsome he looked with his brown trousers and his military jacket. He looked so much like a grown-up.

 Leila : I really wanted to see you. I want to apologize for not telling you the truth about my problem.

 Mike : You don’t have to apologize for anything. Everybody keeps secrets and reveals them whenever they feel that it’s the right moment. Well, I’ve got a secret too..

 Leila : A secret? What kind of secret?

 Mike : I’ve never told you that I had a crush on you for years. Each time I had a strong desire to show you how I feel about you, I was writing a letter and then kept it in a box. The box now is full, like my heart’s full of emotions, especially after having seen you unconscious on the floor. Before my chest explodes, I had to make the confession.

 Leila holds the box as it’s something fragile, like a nest of memories and sweet moments of the past. Totally embarrassed about the fact that she has never observed Mike’s interest and thoughtful gestures, she wants to dig up a hole in the ground and dive in. But her heart takes over the game and the young girl bursts into tears.

These.. are tears of joy. Tears about the first time she feels secure. The first time that she is emotionally “safe and sound”.


  By Tim Krag

(product search and photo collage by Gertrude)

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