September 19, 2012

“Prova Generalle”


Carla leads a regal and noble life. As a famous opera actress and singer, she is world-renowned and tonight there’s the “prova generale” for her act inVenice,Italy. Her stress levels remain totally high though.

Sat on the couch, trying to relax and regain her powers, she decides to send a postcard to her fiancé, who is currently miles away, back home in USA. She grabs the pen from her old theme writing set and starts putting some words together on a postcard fromVenice.

Dear Thomas,

I am sending you this card in this regressive kind of way, just to show you that I’m always thinking about you and I wish you were here. I love you…    


 The time passes by vigorously and she should get ready and take off for the theatre. She puts on her red silk satin dress which will be well held by her suede and crystal belt making her look even more sophisticated and luxurious. Carla doesn’t need to be styled with so much care just to go around in the city and end up in the theatre but her passion for fashion and her expensive taste never let her become scruffy and neglected.

Her Christian Louboutin leather and chain pumps embrace her legs and give them the necessary length and style. She does a final check on her green suede clutch to see if she’s got everything she needs and opens the door of the hotel room.

Fernando: Thank God, you are still here. I thought that you have left without saying goodbye..

Carla: I would have done this but I have to be here for two more nights. And now, please, move aside. I’m in a great hurry.

Fernando: Last night, you were almost begging me to stay and make love to you all night..

Carla: I was drunk and vulnerable. That was a major mistake. Please, go away!

She starts running towards the exit while her tears roll down her cheeks. She feels devastated and full of remorse. Carla wishes that last night would be erased from her mind. “It’s never too late for being sorry, right?”

After having arrived at the theatre, she feels relieved and stressed out. Her eyes could scream the truth right now but for the whole play, she has to wear her golden full of diamonds mask that hides her face. The one that covers feelings and thoughts, which she desires to wear permanently because a mask of gold hides all “deformities”

  By Tim Krag

(product search and photo collage by Gertrude)

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