March 12, 2012

party times

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Tiny tips for the successful fiesta!

For the host:1.)Before you extend the invitation,decide what kind of party you aim to throw and what preparations you are able to make.Normally a 3 foot wading pool is not preferable for an adult pool party!

2.)Dress up for the gathering,but don’t overdo it.Dresses that look like gowns are forbidden unless you are A bride!

3.)Never underestimate  the music accompaniment and the quality of a birthday cake.People won’t blame the DJ or the confectionery,but whispers will certainly go round that you acted stingily!

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For the guests: 1.)It is not the present that matters,but the thought behind it.Never forget to bring a gift even if you crash the party.A bottle of fine wine is always a chic and classic way to please the host.

2.)If you decide to show up,reserve a seat on cloud nine!Nobody wants a party pooper ruin the atmosphere!

3.)If a lady doesn’t put candles on her birthday cake,then you have no reason to ask her age.Who needs a wrinkle reminder snooping into the “getting older” business?

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