April 24, 2016

our hand painted easter eggs!


Every year me and my mother paint our Easter eggs in a different way! I remember this artistic custom taking place in our home since I was a little kid. Dozen of boiled eggs, paint and brushes reigning our place and my mother thrilled to invent new patterns and designs! This year Gelly and Harrison came by and we had a blast  together! Try painting your own eggs too, and I swear if you try it once then becomes a must!

eggs2 eggs3

Hand Painted Easter Eggs:

Boil your eggs in a large pot. Let them cool completely and start decorating them. Use acrylic or aquarelle colours of your taste and make from abstract forms to flowers animals and crazy designs. Do not be afraid and express yourself! If your egg brakes, try with another one. Always have in mind that this is all about fun. You don’t have to be a great illustrator or a renowned painter to draw. Make your egg, your canvas and enjoy it! Good luck and Happy Easter!

eggs4 eggs5 eggs6 eggs7 eggs8 eggs9 eggs10 eggs11 eggs13 eggs14


eggs18 eggs15


hand painted Easter Eggs by Gelly, Gertrude, Harrison and Sia

photos by Gertrude Gary Milk

(post created especially for teapot.gr)

Make your own Hand Painted Easter Eggs at home, tag your project with #teapoteggs and share your designs with us!

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