November 28, 2012

“November Rain”


Victoria looks out of the window. The rain tonight is really intense. She’s observing the shapes that the small raindrops form on the glass surface right on the other side. For an unexplainable reason, each time it was raining, she had images of her childhood running in front of her eyes, like camera shots.

Phoebe, her little Yorkshire, was complaining during the last ten minutes due to a strong desire to pee. Victoria hesitated before she takes her dotted umbrella and storm out of the apartment in order to satisfy her cutest friend’s needs.

 She is trying to cover not only herself but also the little dog from the heavy gigantic drops that would soak Phoebe’s fur for sure. Her black high heeled boots were the ideal pair for stepping into puddles filled with water and mud.

After taking a small break to a take out a delicacy  from her fuchsia purse, Victoria is back to her long walk.

 While walking, she’s thinking about all these images that remind her of the past. A picture of her standing next to her father’s car outside school is now clear.

 F: Sweetie, come inside, there’s pouring rain, you’ ll get cold..

 V: No. Only if you promise that you will not leave mum for the other woman.

 F: Vicky, I told you that this is no longer possible.

 Little Victoria started running in the rain, back on this November day. She wished that the drops would wash out her fears and depression. Unfortunately, this never happened.

 Now, stronger and mature, she leads a life away from her parents. Her steps become more and more firm. Her leather-trimmed cape is a bit wet, but she doesn’t give a damn. Although her cropped jogger may get ruined, she throws away her umbrella and she starts running calling Phoebe to follow her back home.

 Rain isn’t so annoying right now. It feels really comforting and deliberating, just like the option of doing whatever you like in your life and follow your own rules. Just like Victoria..who owns her Victory thanks to her persistent and free spirit..

 Will you follow her example??

By Tim Krag

(product search and photo collage by Gertrude)

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