February 14, 2013

“Not Another Crime-Story”


Dionne is a passionate photographer. No, no.. that’s not enough.

Dionne is a real investigator. Hmm..maybe something more.

Dionne is a 32-year-old woman who loves unveiling mysterious events through pictures. Yes, that’s it!

 She wakes up every morning, thirsty for a new adventure, a crime-story which remains to be solved.

Today, she puts on her quirky vintage Wayfarer’s and her lovely black bowler hat, reminding us of a fictional book character designed with style and finesse. On her way to work, after observing a photograph torn apart on the street, she instantly takes her camera off her bag and takes some snapshots. Then she puts cautiously the precious element in an opaque envelope and heads towards the office.

 A couple of minutes later, seated on her favorite armchair, she relaxes her necktie and starts typing words on the keyboard.

 1987, Nantes, Elizabeth McLaughlin

 Google has given her more than 2,000,000 results for these random words, written at the back side of the picture. However, the article that caught Dionne’s attention was hidden in page 2.

 Moving her legs back and forth, full of anxiety and making irritating noises with her Oxfords’  heels touching each other every 2 seconds, she is eager to read the rest of the article.

Elizabeth was a young beautiful girl, spending with her parents her Christmas vacations in France 26 years ago. A terrible accident occurred at that time and her parents’ car crashed on an electricity pylon, plunging the area into darkness.

 But why was this picture torn apart and how has it ended up on the street? Dionne looks at her reflection on the mirror and stares with an empty look at the collar of her salmon shirt. Yes, for another time, she has figured it out.

 “I’m gonna take the day off” she thought and storms out of the building, returning to the “scene of the crime”. She enters the French bistro right in front of the spot where she has found the picture and orders a crème brûlée, asking about the owner of the place. Yes, Elizabeth Giovanni McLaughlin was the only owner.

 “I think that I found something that belongs to you, Ms McLaughlin”. The 46-year-old red haired lady felt ashamed of her action.

 “One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present. But it is so difficult when you have lost your parents so young..I miss them so much…” Elizabeth can’t control her tears and fells into Dionne’s arms. Her emotions will no longer take the best of her. She has found a new friend..

By Tim Krag

(product search and photo collage by Gertrude)

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