December 20, 2012

“ New Year’s Eve Misadventure ”


Johnny drives so fast his car that he can hardly control the movement of the vehicle which hits a power pole and bursts into flames..

 2 hours ago he was getting dressed, putting on his black tuxedo jacket accompanied by a satin bow tie-the ideal combination for a New Year’s Eve party. The telephone rang and he answered full of anxiety.

 L: Hey, Johnny. Are you still there? You’ll be definitely late for the party and as you know Emma will flip out if something slips out of her perfect program.

 J: I’m on the way! Just give me a couple of minutes.

 Hanging up, he grabs his glass of whiskey and swallows the whole content. Then, he puts onto his white shirt his favorite silver knot cuff-links, which will constitute a nice small detail on his outfit. Just before leaving, he needs to be relaxed about the upcoming night, the big night when he will propose to Emma, his bossy but really caring girl-friend. Some music from his  portable turntable will just give me the right sense of relaxation..

 After 3 years of ups and downs, it was the time that he ceased the chance and try to make a big step in his life. Thinking about that, he drains another glass of alcohol and puts an elegant silk square fabric inside his pocket in order to add some color on his black tuxedo.

 Feeling a little dizzy after some more glasses of British scotch, he decides to leave the apartment, given that his lovely Emma will not forgive him an one hour delay. Nearly drunk, he is losing his balance while walking down the stairs and he grabs a berry lighted garland the last second before he lands on the floor. Up again and ready to get inside his car, he looks on his image on the car’s window. His hair looks a bit messy but he is absolutely handsome and classy, as always.

 First gear, second gear, third one and the speedometer keeps rising fast. Now everything seems a bit blurry and the truth is that he feels kind of sleepy. With his eyelids closing and his senses leaving him, the car is heading straight towards a polar pole, carrying a high voltage current. Suddenly, he opens his eyes and he faces the real danger. Within seconds, he realizes that he will not be able to finish this night as he wished..or maybe he will?

 The nerve racking ringtone of his cellphone sounded once again. It was Emma this time.

Johnny has passed out for half an hour in front of his car and he was woken up by the vibration of the phone. Answering the call, he apologizes for being late and he explains what happened, promising that he will compensate with a unique surprise. Then, he stands up, buttons up his tuxedo and returns back home to drink a cup of hot coffee. His really special night will be later fulfilled..

by Tim Krag

(product search and design by Gertrude)

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