September 11, 2012

“How to bring a lover back”


Twist the bones and bend the back


Trim him of his baby fat


Give him fur black as black

Just.. Like.. This!

 This is one of the most memorable quotes from “Hocus Pocus” movie that Sarah loved so much as a child. In that part, the 3 witches turned a boy into a black cat as a punishment. She wishes she could cast as many spells as possible in order to make her beloved Scott come back even if he was a cat.

 Today is May 5th, 2012. One year has already passed from the day that their relationship came to end.

 Time: 23.30 pm

 Sarah puts on her twin peaks hat, grabs her wand and starts swirling around until she loses her senses and falls on the floor. Her dream is always the same.

 Wearing a long black twill poet dress and a pair of suede leather boots, she lies on the ground. The light of the full moon is reflected upon her face and makes her wake up gasping for a breath as if something was pushing her down against her stomach. She looks around and she realizes that she is in the middle of a forest with high gruesome trees that resemble some mythical creatures.

 Sarah doesn’t have much time given that when the clock shows 12 she must cast a spell that will bring back her enchanted prince. She removes 2 small bottles from her weaving bag and turns fast the pages of her spell book until she reaches p. 415 Chapter 24: “How to bring a lover back”. Then, she pours the content of the 2 small vials into a bigger one wrapped with a red ribbon, throws it up in the dark sky and says:

  “Oh the Gods of the Holy Trinity, bring my lover unto me”

 The vial crashes on the ground and the black potion flows forming a brook on the grass. Her golden accordion pleated pendant starts shaking and she feels like her heart will come out of her body. Meanwhile, the wind blows maniacally and a noise of a whistle nearly deafens her. The time has come.

 The clock on the wall crows like a raven and Sarah opens her eyes. It’s midnight.

The most frustrating part of the dream is that she hasn’t seen the end of the scene yet. Now just to relax, she takes her round vintage sunglasses and tries them in front of the mirror sighing with despair. In that moment, a black cat appears behind the open window and meows. Sarah’s face turns pale and till she turns back to see her visitor, the small feline has disappeared.

 Sarah forms a wicked smile and looks her reflection once again in the mirror singing Itch-It-A-Cop-It-A-Mel-A-Ka-Mys-Ti-Ca..

 Do you believe in magic?

    By Tim Krag

(product search and photo collage by Gertrude) 

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