April 25, 2012

guest post : Time machine goes ’92


Let’s talk about her. She’s not rich but she is beautiful. Once a pessimist, now a dreamer. She’s trying so hard to achieve everything that a girl in the movies has. Money, fame and a handsome man..Getting off the plane with her white-spotted silky black skirt and her huge hat, feels like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” that 2 years ago made her burst into tears in the cinema hall not because of romanticism but due to envy.She is so anxious about the party. First time invited in a yacht, hopes that every piece of the puzzle will be put in the right place exactly like each impeccably posited pearl of her necklace..


He is a businessman but rarely understood by people. Often lost in space, never intrigued by anything or anyone. He hosts the lobster party thanks to another successful plan..The time passes by on a distraught pace and the wine flows fast into his throat that is nearly swollen by his tightly-tied yellow bow. He’s overhearing another “pathetic” conversation about sexual conquests while he’s almost too sweaty to handle his blue cotton suit.Before admitting that the evening was a tremendous disaster for his temper, “she” enters filling the place with unparalleled charm and style.

H: I never thought that I would have guests that I barely know. Are you a visitor?

S: Yes..Aiming to become a permanent one..Always a dreamer..

H: You know dreams have only one owner at a time..

S: And that’s why dreamers are lonely.

Moonlight shades, music melodies, dancing figures and the end of the story is up to you..!

By Baby Panther aka Tim Krag !

(product finds and photo collage by Gertrude)

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