May 16, 2012

guest post : “The Wake Up” Call


Sunday 13th March 2012

05:00 am, NY city

Hal has another rough night. He can’t sleep once again as his mind is lost in thoughts. His ex-wife, his unborn child, his sick mother..Everything keeps spinning around on an endless circle, filling him with stress and desperation. In two and a half hours he must get up and get ready for work. The clock against the wall is relentless.

When the time comes and his eyes are still open, he decides to go to the bathroom and have a cold shower that will give him the right“wake-up call”. His favorite blue shirt matches perfectly the lemon-yellow jeans he bought last week from his trip in London. After having checked the calls that has to make today in his red notebook, enters his black Mini Cooper and activates the engine.

Even though it’s Sunday, Hal is obliged to be in the office because as an editor in a daily newspaper, he knows that news just don’t wait. For him, Insomnia is a tricky thing and a permanent problem. He can’t sleep but at the same time he’s not awake. Sat on his green deskchair, holding his eyeglasses on his left hand, seems like he’s in a state of nirvana. He wishes that he had thoughts like those of a child..Pure, innocent and surreal. The only thing that cannot escape from his head is the fact that today is Mother’s Day and his mother-diagnosed with lung cancer two days ago-is totally alone back in California.

 Busy Tone..Line Clear..He cleans his throat.

H: Good morning mum..It’s Mother’s day today.. Wish you all the best!

M: Thanks dear..Are you at work again? You’re always getting yourself so tired and you need time to rest. That was my mistake too when I was younger.

H: I’m just fine, mum. I’m always worried about you and your health.

M: Listen to me. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. I’ve got both.

Conversation with a deep meaning, a courageous mother and a son that has just “woken up” outline a sunny Sunday morning in NYC.

 Dedicated to all mothers that fill our lives with happiness and selfless love.

                                                                                               By Tim Krag

 (photo collage and product finds by Gertrude)

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